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The Free China Forum(FCF) is a world wide umbrella network of  citizens who are dedicated to organizing and working for freedom, democracy, and human rights in China, Tibet and Hong Kong. FCF is also the funding member of Free China Movement Coalition(FCM) in June 1998. We realize that only through a unified worldwide grassroots movement, will we be able to realistically exert enough moral and political pressure so that China will evolve from a totalitarian dictatorship, to a free and democratic country where there is the rule of law and a democratic government.

The Free China Forum “stands on the shoulders” of other world wide human rights and dissident democracy movements that were successful in changing dictatorships in South Africa, Poland, Russia, Philippines, Haiti, and other countries around the world. The organization builds on the strength, wisdom, and effectiveness of the non-violent, democratic, and all inclusive democratic social change movements of  Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gahndi, Nelson Mendela, Chico Mendez, and Vaslav Havel. We are guided by the principles of love, compassion, and the recognition that all human beings are connected to one another through the universal laws of respect, dignity, and freedom to think, write, and speak without the fear of government repression.

  History Of The Free China  Forum

The Free China Forum was founded in 1997 by several Chinese Democracy Movement organizations, Chinese scholars, students, and American human rights organizations. The network was created in response to the official state visit of President Jiang Zheming. Several organizations united in order to more effectively plan press conferences, protests, and forums that would attract a larger audience of citizens who can potentially work towards the above mentioned goals for China.

The Free China Forum recognizes that China is a major superpower that is viewed by nations around the world as a viable trading partner where there are billions of dollars in investment at stake. Therefore, only through a unified coalition of citizens around the world who believe in a free China, Hong Kong, and Tibet can there ever be a chance for moral pressure to have an effect on changing China.
  Human Rights Violations In China, Tibet, Hong Kong

In China, there are thousands of political prisoners of conscience who are in jail because they were exercising free speech. Many of these prisoners participated in the Tiananmen Square Protests in 1989. They are students, scholars, workers, parents, teachers; citizens like you and me. Dr. Hu Shigeng is one of the most prominent dissidents who remain in China’s jails and are in ill health. Political prisoners in China are subject to torture, sleep deprivation, starvation, forced labor¸ and other brutal forms of repression. Currently, the Chinese government  executes prisoners, and before they die, removes their organs in order that high Chinese government and military officers can profit the sale of these organs

Many of these prisoners are political prisoners who are rounded up, executed through firing squad, and doctors than remove their organs right after they are shot. Furthermore, the conditions in Chinese labor camps, which have been graphically documented by the courageous Chinese dissident Harry Woo, are beyond description. Disease, starvation, torture, forced labor, interrogations, and beatings are every day occurrences in these “death camps.” There is no difference between these conditions in Red China and those that existed in Nazi Germany.

In Tibet, the Chinese government since 1959 has brutally repressed Tibetan monks who were against communist rule. The Chinese Government has destroyed Buddhist Temples, imprisoned monks, and other Tibetan citizens who dared to speak out against communist government. In Hong Kong, the Chinese government dissolved the democratically elected Legislature Council has replaced it with hand picked provisional legislators. Therefore, a democratic nation is being forced to live and operate under a totally different form of government; another example of why the world must speak out against a dictatorship by a few old men who are oppressing over 1.3 billion people in China, Tibet
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We have the moral and ethical obligation to work together in the struggle for a free and democratic China, Tibet, and Hong Kong. There has not been a world wide unified Chinese Democracy movement since Tiananmen Square. Now more than ever is the right time for citizens of the world to speak out for human rights and freedom and China.

The Free China Forum is asking you to participate in the “Campaign to Release Chinese Political and Religious Prisoners Of Conscience.” Please attend or help organize the candle light vigils or the Free China Forums in your city or town. In the words of Wei Jing Shen, “Only through consistent world wide moral pressure can the Chinese government be forced to release the other thousands of political and religious prisoners who are living in deplorable conditions in Chinese Jails. Free China, Free Tibet, Free Hong Kong!

For more information, please contact Shengde Lian, Coordinator, Free China Forum, 202 215-1406, or Joel Segal, Special Projects Director, 703 329-6836. e-mail: fcf@freechina.net.

Web page: http://www.freechina.net/fcf

Volunteers needed! Please call:(703) 329-6836 or (202) 361-0989 if you are interested in helping Free China Forum.

Email us at: fcf@freechina.net

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