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Press Advisory

1.Chinese Scholars and democracy movement leaders have 24 hour hunger strike in front of the Chinese Embassy

2.Letter to Smith


To All Media for Immediate Release Contact: Shengde Lian Xing Wen

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Former Tian An Men Square pro-democracy movement political prisoners, Chinese students, scholars, and dissidents from China formally announce a 24 hour hunger strike in front of the Chinese Embassy at 2100 Connecticut Avenue in NW, Washington D.C. from noon Dec 27 to noon Dec 28 calling for the release of dissidents in jail. If there is no release of dissidents from jail, the time of next hunger strike will be increased to 36 hours, 48 hours or more.

Washington, DC: Today, the Free China Forum, the umbrella Chinese democracy movement organization will hold a 24 hour hunger strike in front of Chinese Embassy on noon Dec 27 to Dec 28,. The hunger strike and vigil has been organized by 20 Chinese dissidents, scholars from Mainland China, HongKong, Tibet to protest the imprisonment of thousands of prisoners of conscience in China who are living the most deplorable and inhumane conditions in Chinese jails. They are calling on the world community to demand for their release.

Furthermore, the hunger strikers will also be remembering those victims who were murdered by the Chinese communist government over the last 48 years.

Date: December 27, 1998

Time: 12:00 PM

Place: Chinese Embassy at 2100 Connecticut Ave, N.W.Washington D.C.

Participants of the hunger strike:

Wang Ruowang: Chair of China Democratic Party, veteran freedom fighter from inside CCP and writer.

Shengde Lian: Former Captain of Tian An Men Student movement, political prisoner and leader of Free China Movement.

Zheng Yi: dissident writer and research scholar from Princeton Institute

Xing Wen: Chinese dissident and assistant General Secretary of Party for Freedom and Democracy in China(PFDC), and coordinator of Free China Forum.

Zhou Yongjun: co-captain of Tian An Men pro-democracy movement and former political prisoners, leader of the Party for Freedom and Democracy in China(PFDC)

Zhao Pinglu: leader of Workers' Movement in 1989 in Beijing, chair of International Association of Chinese Workers.

Bao Ge: newly released human rights activist from mainland China. Fifteen others have registered for hunger strike so far and more are expected to join in the coming week.

We are calling for more people to join and support our effort to get the prisoners of conscience out of Chinese jail, among them are three prominent Chinese democracy movement leaders: Guo Haifeng, Dr. Hu Shigeng, and Kang Yuchun, who are serving prison sentence from 14 to 20 years since 1994 and whose health are in dangerous situation.

For more information, please contact the Free China Forum at: (703) 645-9054. (703)329-6836

2.Letter to Smith

February 14, 1998

The Honorable Senator Smith

Dear Senator Smith:

The undersigned, the Chinese students and scholars organized into the dissident groups on exile,

are in full support of the great efforts of American People under your leadership in promoting

the human rights in communist China. We are in full support of the Congressional Resolution

HR 364 under your sponsorship.

China under the totalitarian-communist regime has been, and still is the world's darkest corner

where the most horrifying anti-humanity crimes have been, and still being, committed in the

entire history of mankind. According to the Black Book of the World Communism, the Chinese

communist dictators have murdered more than 46 million peaceful civilians during the time of

peace, dwarfing the records created by Adolf Hitler during the war time. Communist China, the

so-called "strategic partner of the U.S.", is the world record creator in human rights violation. It

may also be noticeable, even though many have already forgotten, it is the Communist China, not

Russia, not Cuba, even not Iraq, which claimed the greatest number of American soldiers during

the two major wars in Korea and Vietnam after WWII. If the totalitarian China is not sterilized

through an institutional democratization, this evil regime armed with ICBM of multi-nuclear

warheads and U.S. dual-use technology and hard currency from the entire West, aiming at

nobody, but the United States, will impose a ten-times greater threats than Adolf Hitler Joseph

Stalin and Sadam Hossein in the visible future. While the later have never received such a

constant, tremendous financial and technology supports from the free world, making the 1947

Marshall plan a tiny toy.

We have all witnessed, as a nation of 5000-year of civilization, China once contributed Four

Great Inventions to mankind: Fire Powder, Paper Milling Technology, Printing Technology and

Navigational Compass. The Chinese totalitarians, however, have brought fifth and sixth Grater

Invention to the human race: Torturing prisoners in front of the coerced public and snatching

(alive in many cases) human organs for nasty trading; and massive infantcide during its state

organized violent abortion of viable fetus during the third trimester.

Ironically, a regime of such a human rights records has never been morally condemned by the

UN human rights resolution in front of the forum of the United Nations. Any efforts leading to

that direction have always been successfully blocked by such a regime and its messy allies and

sympathizers. While the widely plagued betrayal of our higher value of freedom and human

dignity are of the fashion of the today's visionless politicians and business community, you and

your distinguished colleagues are leading the American People to stand up to say no in front of

the reviving force of the world communism, the number one evil of all mankind. We deeply

admire your great moral courage as well as your visionary mission to lead the efforts to urge the

U.S. Delegation to have the Human Rights Resolution passed in the 54th United Nation's session

this year.

We believe that Peoples living under the Chinese Totalitarian regime will never forget your

great commitment in the unrelenting struggle for their inalienable human rights during the

darkest period of Chinese history. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,.

Free China Forum

co-signed by ten other pro-democracy organizations


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