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PFDC is mainly organized by mainland and overseas Chinese students, scholars, workers and army members after 1989's Beijing Massacre. The mission of PFDC is to conduct serious researh on China's political system, economic , social and other problems after Chinese Communist Party's bloody rule been overthrown by the people. The communist totalitarian rule under CCP had mad more than eighty Million Chinese died since 1949. Party for Freedom and Democracy in China(PFDC) is working actively inside China to expand the network to prepare for the day when CCP lost control in mainland due to its coruption and dictatorship. PFDC members inside and outside China are making big effort to prepare to help the motherland when the situation in China becomes such a big mess that Chinese people can not tolerate any more! Click to seeIntroduction of PFDC

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Press Release

To All Media for Immediate release

March 15, 1998

Contact: Mr. Shengde Lian

Tel: (703)645-9054

From Washington D.C. New York and North Carolina, former Tian An Men Square Student Leaders and former Political Prisoners Condemns US's Position on Giving Up the Effort to Put Forward A Resolution to Censure China's Continuous Human Rights Violations In China, stating this is a Betrayal to the moral Responsibility the US had been put upon by the God on this free nation

By reading the following statement by US State Department from Washington Post on March 14, former student leaders who stayed in China after the Massacre on June 4 1989 and were arrested later and tortured in political jail issued a statement against Clinton Administrations's move before the coming UN meeting in Geneva.

"State Department spokesman James Rubin closely echoed the reaction. He said: "We'll have to assess our position [on Geneva] in light of this decision by the Chinese. By announcing its intention to sign, China has indicated in more concrete terms than ever before that it accepts the universality of human rights."

Asked whether Beijing had timed its announcement to fend off US action at Geneva, Mr Rubin replied: "Whatever their motivation might have been, it is a major advance."


We feel so disappointed that Clinton administration drop this effort to condemn China's continuing human rights violations and is being put in a trap set up by the Communist in China.

This is the violation of the principle of this great nation of US and feel shame of this decision.

The Communist government in China had won over their battle with US again by offering more trade opportunities plus release one or two dissidents at the same time arrest more for future bargain!

What are the next cards China will play after the possible release of Wang Dan(my friend in Tian An Men movement)? Guo Haifeng(sentenced to 6 years in 1996 after serving four years in jail after Beijing massacre) or Dr. Hu Shigeng(sentence to 20 years because of forming Party for freedom and democracy in China in 1991).

The politicians look like they can hardly make us believe they have morality or consciousness, but interest! just like the communist government told us in their daily based propaganda.

As a student leader in 1989 in Beijing and former political prisoner in QingChen with Wang Dan and Guo Haifeng and many other students in jail, on behalf of thousands of friends and colleagues who are still in jail hoping the moral help from US and the free world, I want to say what we have in our heart is disappointment and desperation.

We deeply realized again that we can not rely on those politicians but ourselves, we the democracy in China win finally we'll still remember this lesson.

How can we dependent upon a politician lied on the promises he made to the world that he would not tolerate the dictator. More accurately the words are: ......I do believe that our nation has a higher purpose than to coddle dictators and to stand aside from the global movement toward democracy." Oct 1, 1992 by Clinton.

Finally we should express our appreciation to US Senate of the 95:5 vote of resolution asking Clinton to put a resolution to condemn China of te human rights violations and many thanks to many American people whom we have talked to and who had given us tremendous moral support in our fight against the bloody dictator, namely Chinese Communist Government who had persecuted between 45 million to 80 million Chinese people to death in the last 48 years of peaceful period in entire human history!

Signed by following political prisoners in QingChen Prison:

Shengde Lian, Former captain of Tian An Men Square movement in 1989

Zhou Yongjun, Former Chair of Autonomous Federation of Universities Inside Beijing

Xiong Yan, leader of the Dialogue Group in 1989 in Beijing

Zhao Pinglu, former leader of Workers Association in Tian An Men In Beijing in 1989, and many other Chinese dissidents who have not forgotten the pain as a prisoner, the evil essence of Chinese Government to Chinese people and the future danger this bloody regime will be to the world peace!

The following is the copy of our open letter to President Clinton for preview.

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