Upcoming Topics in Free China Forum:
1.Human Rights violation in  Red China, Tibet

2.China and Human Rights: the Coming United Nations Vote

3. The True Chinese history

4.40 years of Communist China's education

5.Should we trade with Communist China
--The role of China in Intl Affairs
--Chemical weapaons
-Nuclear weapons sales to other countries

6.What is the role of Red China in the new economic world order.

7.The History of Chinese Democracy Movement since 1911

8.The truth of Chines Communist Revolution.

9.What is the truth of  privitization of state companies in China

10.The truth of organ snatching inside Communist China.

10.How are the Chinese women "liberated"
----Status of women in China in the past and today

11.Condition of environment polutions in China

12.What is the future of China in year 2010?

13.What kind of country China will be with the unconditional support from the West?

14.True image of  Chiang Kaishek and the nationalist government from 1927 to 1949.

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