Sponsoring Organizations of Free China Unity Meeting
Free China Forum(FCF)
Americans For A Free China(AAFC)
Program on Trasition to Democracy
International Association of Chinese Workers(IACW)
Party for Freedom and Democracy in China(PFDC)
Chinese Democratic Justice Party(CDJP)
Modern Chinese Problem Research Forum(MCPRF/China Forum)
Chinese Democratic Party(CDP,USA)
China Democracy Party(CDP,mainland China)
China Spring
Chinese Alliance for A Democratic China
China Spring--Europe and Asia Union
Chna Comments Magazine
Zhong Shan Commrade Committee
Voice of Human Rughs National Comittee
Sino-Hong Kong Promoting Demcoracy Association
China--Long March Foundation
Ma Cao Club
Hong Kong Democrats(Boston)
VIP Reference Online Magazine
Small Reference
Freedom Forum Magazine(Chinese)
Responsiblity Magazine
Reforming China Network(RCN)
China Liberal Democratic Party(Australia)
Taiwan Strait Peace Promoting Association(Australia)
New Zealand Promoting Democracy (in China) Association
Human Rights Union(Beijing, China)
Human Righs Watch(Wuhan, China)
Reevaluation of Cultural Revolution Committee
American Forum for Jewish-Christian Cooperation
Coalition for religious Freedom
The following organization are to be confirmed
Beijing Spring(to be confirmed)
Federation for A Demcoratic China(FDC)(to be confirmed)
Alliance for Democray in China(ADC)(to be confirmed)
China Liberal Democratic Prty(to be confirmed)
China Strategic Institute

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