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    Urgent Call To International Community      Hangzhou, July 12, 1998

When President Clinton was visiting China, the Chinese Government and the President Jiang Zeming demonstrated the gesture of enlightenment which has won high acclaim from international community.  Immediately after President Clinton left, a new wave of political persecution was launched by Chinese Communist China against Chinese political prisoners.  At about eight o'clock PM, the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou arrested the following founding members of  Forming Committee of Chinese Democratic Party In Zhejiang Province: Wang You Chai, Wang Donghai, Wang Peijian, Cheng Fan, Wu Gaoxing; Immediately afterwards, the PSB arrested Wang Qiang, Zhu Zhengming, Fang Xiaofeng, Zhu Yufu, at this moment, the wave of arrest is still going on. The Police authority is searching and pursuing another CDP leader Lin Hui.

We urgently call to international community for its full awareness to Chinese communist dictators' human rights abuse and we call for international community to express stern condemnation, we also call international community to build up pressure on Chinese government.

Chinese authorities arrested our CDP leaders with the charge of  "Conspiring to overthrow the government".  The charge is libelous and of distortion of facts.  The CDP has declared its founding principles to the entire world:
"CDP strongly believe: the provisions and the context of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have specified the inalienable rights which shall not be infringed or violated. The CDP is fully committed to fight against the violation of human rights.

The CDP advocates fair competition in both economic and political area, oppose political monopoly and economic monopoly in any forms; The CDP is also committed to promote the transparency in political life and administrative efficiency, the CDP calls for social and political institutional transformation through peaceful and orderly manner, we oppose chaos, we oppose the removal of violence by using violence.  We believe that we should achieve our goals through peaceful, rationale and non-violent means.  We support that  political confrontation should be replaced by civilized dialogues. We oppose terrorism.
The CDP's purpose is to establish a constitutional democracy through direct and democratic election. We advocate an establishment of a check and balance system with which no power shall be built upon violent forces by any individuals or any groups.  To achieve this goal, the armed forces must be nationalized, the greenhouse which produces political despotism and political corruption shall be completely damped whereas the nation of China may get rid of ruthless dictatorship of proletariat."
The above cited purpose and principles of the CDP clearly demonstrates that the CDP is not a party seeking for overthrowing government through conspiracy.  The CDP is a political party which calls for fair political competition with the CCP.  The rights that the CDP advocates have been specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The PRC Government and President Jiang Zemin openly committed before President Clinton and the International community that the People's Republic would become the signatory to the UN International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, in fact, the People's Republic today still cannot tolerate the existence of any opposition parties in China.  The People's Republic has mobilized violent police force to launch a large scale of massive arrests against us.  This episode has clearly demonstrated the PRC Government's phony promise for political democratization; It also conspicuously indicates the great failure of President Clinton's China visit.  We the Chinese Democratic Party strongly oppose the kow tow policy to the Chinese Communists, We hope that the international media also express its opposition to the pacifism.

We believe that the Chinese Communist dictators are unable to eradicate the existence of the CDP and its spirit.  We also believe that the advancement of Chinese pro democracy movement, no matter how difficult it is, will not be eliminated.  The second command center of the CDP is still in operation.  This is our voice be heard by the International community.                  (30)

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June 29, 1998 12:34 GMT

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HEADLINE: China detains activist over opposition party

   (ADDS White House reaction, background, fixes distance in par 4) By Lorien Holland

BEIJING, June 29 (AFP) - China on Monday detained Wang Youcai, a pro-democracy activist who had applied to set up an opposition party just hours before US President Bill Clinton arrived for his state visit.

Wang was taken from his home in eastern Zhejiang province mid-afternoon Monday, his wife Hu Jiangxia said.

"Plain-clothes police came to our house around one o'clock and talked to my husband about his activities and about the Chinese Democracy Party. They took him away just before four o'clock," she said.

The detention came as Clinton flew out of Beijing for China's commercial centre of Shanghai, which is some 150 kilometres (80 miles) (eds: correct) from Wang's home.

"President Clinton must tell the Chinese government now that they must release Mr Wang unconditionally," the Washington-based Free China Movement said in a fax.

"If not, he should cancel the rest of his schedule in China to show his strong protest at the Chinese government's manipulation," the group added.

US officials travelling with Clinton said they were unaware of Wang's detention but said the US government and official delegation would "continue to raise these issues with the authorities."

A string of dissident detentions in the central city of Xian ahead of the president's arrival there last Thursday caused Clinton to order his ambassador to make an official protest to the authorities.

"While the president's trip is focusing on China's potential, there are of course still major problems in this regard which we will continue to take up in discussion with the Chinese authorities," a US official said.

"While there has been some progress, incidents like this are still taking place," he added.

Wang Youcai, who was number 15 on the government's most-wanted list after the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, lodged an application to form the Chinese Democracy Party with Wang Donghai and Lin Hui on Thursday just hours before the start of Clinton's visit.

It was the first open application to form an opposition party since the Communist Party came to power in 1949, and came despite almost zero tolerance from the government towards open dissent.

Wang Donghai and Lin Hui both said they had so far been unaffected.

In an interview Sunday, Wang Donghai said they had used the cover of Clinton's visit to mount a challenge to the Communist Party's monopoly on power.

"I think everyone is playing the American card at the moment because President Clinton is here," he said.

"We chose this time as it is very suitable, as everything is very calm and safer than usual," he said by telephone.

A second group of Chinese dissidents said Saturday they had also lodged an application to establish an opposition political party -- the Chinese Democracy and Justice Party.



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