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Sample List by titles  before July,1998:(Click here for complete list of all English Reports)

1.Fox News  July 1997
 "Celebrants anti-communists face off in Washington"

2.New York Times  July 7 1997
 "A Prade Brings Pride and Protest"

3.South China Morning Post
 "Exiles Keep the spirit of '89 alive"  June 4 1998

4. South China Morning Post  June 6
 "Exiles Setup new Coaltion on Rights"

5.Kyoto News  June 16 1998--Japan Economic Newswire
 "Clinton may meet dissidents in Beijing"

6.Central News Agency  June 5 1998
 "Washington Commemorats June 4th With Declaration"

7.Kyoto News Service--Japan Economic Newswire
 "Exiled Chinese Dissidents Form New Coalition" and   News Summary on June 5 1998

8.Press Conference in National Press Club on June 4 1998 was reported on C_Span  tape is available upon request

9.The Bulletin's Frontrunner June 4, 1998 Thursedat
 China_US discussion of US_China Summit in Capital Hill

10.The Washington Times  by Mr.Morrison  Dec 26, 1997
 --------"Fasting For Freedom'

11.Parades, protests in US pages 1, 4to 11@36
 Singapore Strait Times  July 2 1997

12.June 3 1997
 Reuters Daybook   China/democracy event

13.Associated Press  on July 1997
 "Handover Celebrated at a Washington Rally"  wire services
14.Hong Kong Handover celebrated, protested in Washington
 CNN, US News  June 28, 1997

15.Another Chinese Dissident Arrested
 AP headline  June 29 1998 Elaine Kurtenbach

16. World: Asia_pacific: Chinese Dissidents held
 BBC News  June 29 1998 from Free China Movement

17.Clinton Criticised over trade priviledges for China
 AP Laura Myers        Sending wreath to TAM requested by FCM

18.Exiled Dissidents to sue Addidas
 Hong Kong Stardand  July 2 1998

19.Dissidents: Clinton Trip a Failure
 DONNA ABU-NASR Associated Press Writer

20. By John F. Harris and John Pomfret
 Washington Post Staff Writers
 Sunday, June 28, 1998; Page A1

21.Bao Ge Suit Addidas  July 2 1998
 China Times  from Reuters

22.Full story Chinese dissidents sue Adidas, call for boycott
 Reuters July 2 1998

23.Press Conference on June 23 on Capital Jill is on CNN--(Chen saw it)
 on Fox News(video tape is available upon request)

24. AP by Laura Myers on June 24, 1998
 "China's Pro-Democracy Effort Lives"

25. "Clinton under fire on Tiananmen anniversary" Associated Press
Patricia Wilson    Thursday June 4 5:45 PM EDT

26.China Land of Contrast--Enterprise and Oppression
 by Nancy Head of Daily Herald o June 30 1998

27.Protest on June 23  1998 on ABC News at June 24

also covered in Chinese Televison---seen by Dianna and  World Journal

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