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Free China Movement Action Goals
1. Unify the Free China Movement both oversees and inside mainland China in order to establish a highly structured, visible and effective political movement for change that is viewed as the legitimate representative of the Chinese people throughout the world and in China. Help support the development of a free trade labor movement in China. Initiate effective and significant organizing campaigns both inside and outside China that focus on human rights, supporting the rights of all Chinese citizens, and promoting democratic institutions in China.

2. Create a co-ordinating committee to strengthen communications within the Free China Movement, and carry out the action campaigns agreed upon at the annual Free China Movement Convention. The committee would manage a "rapid response network" that would ensure that the Free China Movement's position is clearly and strongly heard in the world wide media, the United Nations, the U.S. Congress, European Parliaments, and other forums that have influence on policies towards China.

3. To convene forums in the academic community throughout the world in order to tell the truth about the Chinese government, and encourage members of the world community to speak out on behalf of the oppressed Chinese people.

4. Seek to work with all organizations and individuals throughout the international community who support the spirit and goals of the Free China Movement stated herein. Create a Free China Movement Advisory Board that will consist of individuals from the American and international community who will raise funds, advise, and provide contacts for the Free China Movement. Establish a "Free China Movement Democracy Academy" in Washington DC to teach Free China Movement participants about democratic decision making, democratic institutions, and how to effectively administer an organization.

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