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Contents of Modern Chinese Problem Research Forum
Introduction of MCR This site is created in March,1997 by ModernChinese Probllem Research Forum
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This site lead you to the email address, personal homepage,etc of each moderator in MCR
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This site lead you to the past topics and their main contents in MCR
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This site gives you a brief introduction of most of MCR lecturers in the past and their contact infomation.
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the lists of future topics requested or arranged by MCR in the coming future. Please check this site frequently for current forum topics, time schedule and location.

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Our Mission

Every Chinese concerns about the reality and the future of China.There are always a lot of big challenges facing a society in transition. The challenges facing a huge country like China are especially big and hard to resollve. What kind of future China want to have? If we want to choose an prosperious economy,democratic political system and healthy society, what kind of problems do China have? What are the different methods to handle those problems in different steps of development?

To answer all of these questions, we need to sit down and talk to each other equally and peacefully. To have the power to help the transition in China, we need to have a serious understanding of those problems!

So please join this discussion freely and contribute your wisdom, knowledge and experience!

If all of us Chinese people work together, we can make a difference. China can make a difference! One forth of human being can make a difference!!

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