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 Introduction  of   Americans For A Free China   

Americans for a Free China was founded by several American human rights activists immediately after Tianamen Square. The organization is a fast growing network of citizens who are dedicated to organizing and working for freedom, democracy, and human rights in China, Tibet, and Hong Kong. We realize that only through a unified worldwide grassroots movement, will we be able to realistically exert enough moral and political pressure so China will evolve from a totalitarian dictatorship to a free and democratic country where there is the rule of law and a democratic government. The organization is bipartisan, and includes labor leaders, professional lobbyists, leading China scholars and academics, human and civil rights activists, lawyers, journalists, public relations and media experts, members of the faith community, and all citizens who believe in the universal principles of truth, morality, and human rights.

"Americans For A Free China"  stands on the shoulders of other world wide human rights and democracy movements that were successful in changing dictatorships in South Africa, Poland, Russia, Phillipines, Haiti, and other repressive governments around the world. We are guided by the principles of love, compassion, and the recognition that all human beings are connected to one another through the universal laws of respect, dignity, and freedom of speech.

The organization works side by side with several Chinese political exiles; including several of the students and workers who were leaders in Tianamen Square. "Americans For A Free China" assists the exile community with fundraising, organizing and democratic decision-making seminars, and provides them with high level contacts with Congressman, Senators, the State Department, foundations, and journalists. Currently, "Americans For A Free China" are co-sponsoring the Free China Unity Conference which is being held at George Washington University, June 4-6, 1998. The purpose of the conference is to build an international umbrella Chinese dissident movement that will pro-actively seek world support in order to persuade China to move towards a democracy; and release all political and religious "prisoners of conscience."

If you want to help free 1.3 billion oppressed and enslaved Chinese citizens, please contact:

Joel Segal, executive director, "Americans For A Free China."
Dianna Tafazoli, vice executive director, "Americans For A Free China."

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