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Partial collection of PFDC's Theories by Title--Chinese Graphics Version

Lists of Theoretic Articles of PFDC

  1. Code of Liberty----Constitution of PFDCClick Here!

  2. Declaration for Democratic Reform in Mainland ChinaClick Here!

  3. Relationship between Democracy Movement and Chinese Communist PartyClick Here!

  4. Declaration of the Foundation of the Party for Freedom and Democracy in China Click here!

  5. What is Democracy? Click Here!

  6. Analysis of CCP's Constitution Click Here!

  7. Analysis of CCP'Feudalism System Click Here!

  8. Totalitarianism Rule from CCP in mainland China Click Here!

  9. Analysis of Pessimism toward China's future Click Here!

  10. Analysys of DCF's Political Constitution Click Here!

  11. Misleading Role of Reformism to Chinese Democracy Movement Click Here!

    The rest are under construction, Please come back soon!

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