Witness of Massacre from the persons who were in Tian An Men Square on June,4th in 1989

Pan Qiang's Witness Hi, brother, I recommend you to read the web site
http://june4th.home.ml.org where part of June 4th victims were listed. When I read this list and the
locations where they were killed, I felt chilly from my head to toes.
Only then did I really realize how lucky I was on that terrible night.
Take victim 0028 for example, when the victim was shot to death between Nan
Chi Zi and History Museum, on Changan street, I was within 100 meters away
from him, hiding behind a electronical pole. The only difference was that
they, Beijing citizens, were out side the soliders' forbidden line while
was inside. The Beijing citizens were so brave that even the soldiers shot
several times they still did not retreat. I heard their voices, at least
several hundred together, codemned the soldiers loudly. The victim 0028 I
doubted was the guy who stayed with me on the same location that night. At
about 3:00(or 4:00) AM he said he would talk to the soldiers to let several
HK students out. He borrowed my metaphone and walked to the soldiers' line
and never came back. He told me he was from Jing Mao University. (In 1991 on
my trip to Beijing I visited Jin Mao University and asked the students if
there was student from the University got killed, I got relieved when the
answer was no. But when I read the victim list my heart was sunken. There is
one from that university! If I have chance to see the victim's picture
I can verify if the dead is the guy I met or not.) Then the soldiers
began to fire gas bomb, I caught some smoke and began to feel sick. Had I
slept more than 10 minutes and not waken myself to catch the last group, who
were doctors and students belongred to Red Cross and who were going to
leave, I was sure to become a dead body then. God bless me. I wrote down
my detailed experience of that night on my notebook two days later. The
notebook was now in the file of the Beijing Police Station. I believe one day
I will get it back. Now I understand why there are so many people believe in God.
I will cherish all I have and never forget or forgive the June 4th, the most
important day in my life.

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