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1.Appeal Letter for the Hunger Strike

2.Hunger Strike Statement near New Years Evening

1.Appeal Letter for the Hunger StrikeAppeal to Hold Hunger-Strike and Sit-in in Front of the Chinese Embassy On December 27-28, 1997

Today Free China Forum appeal to all Chinese people in United States who concern about the human rights of China to join the Hunger-Strike and Sit-In in front of Chinese Emabasy. In principle this activity will not be sponsored by any organization or party, Free China Forum as a coordinator, will provide the convience of communication and arrangement in Washington D.C area.

The goal of this activity is to let our countrymen inside mainland China(including Tibet) to feel our concerns, greetings and warmness on the eve of the new year which is near the turn to next century. Under the Chinese Communist totalitarian rule in mainland China, many workers, intelectuals, peasants, monks, army soldiers are deprieved of the basic human rights to speak out freely, worship freely and associate freely. Today there are hundreds of pilitical and religious prisoners and prisoners of conscience in jail without fair trial and humane treatment. Today there are thousands of workers being deprived of the right to work and live on..........

We sincerely appeal to you, as human being with conscience, please join us, streatch out both of your hands and show your support. Let's meet in front of Chinese Embassy on December 27 to call for human rights and freedom in China, Tibet and Hong Kong in a new year!

We also want to request to meet the Congressman of United states and Madam Albright and representative to United Nations Bill Richardson to discusss the atrosities and tortures of thousands of prisoners need to be released from jail. We want Wang Dan and Dr. Hu Shigen to be released immediately and unconditionally. Please contact us before December 26 if you would like to come and show your support and concerns in China. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Email: xchen@gmu.edu P.O Box 3328 Tel:(703) 645-9054 Falls Church , VA 22043 Contact person: Cindy

2.Hunger Strike Statement near New Years Evening

Work for a Free China; Join our hunger strike for it! On Noon Dec 27 to Noon Dec 28, 1997

New Year Announcement

1997 is approaching the end.

When the bell rings for the new year, there are only two years left for us to enter the new 21st century. We clearly realize that our motherland should not miss another century; generations of Chinese have dreamed to establish a free, democratic and wealthy China.

We solemnly announce that we shall fast for the whole day today as a manifest of protest in front of the Chinese Emvassy to the U.S.

For those who have been making their efforts to realize the dream and those who are now in the custody because of their pro-democratic activities; We would like them to know that, although we are in a free country, we still fully aware that it is not our land, we never forget our compatriots, our brothers and sisters, our hearts are forever bound to our motherland which belongs to all of us.

At the moment, all domestic voices for freedom are under suppression by the "communist" regime. But we still firmly believe that no one is capable of cutting the throat of liberty. The future of China is on the shoulders of all the Chinese who do not have the slightest fear of sacrifice and bravely struggle for a new China.

Here we give our particular salutation to the masses of workers and pessants in China mainland! We deeply know that you are exhausted, your are the genuine creators of the national wealth and treasure, you are our own brothers and sisters. We struggle for your right of equal access to working as well as the right of fairly distributing the wealth. And your unyielding spirit of struggle for freedom has encouraged all of us and given us the confidence and valour to be persistent in our common struggle. We, therefore, must unite and march toward our common ideal.

At the same time, we will specifically warn the "communist" officers and officials at all levels, who keep on massacring and oppressing the Chinese people, especially the ruling clique headed by Jiang Zemin and Li Peng, please don't rely on your tricks and manoevers to fool the people any more. The blood shed by the people for freedom is not your esclator to power. On the day when the spring of China's democracy comes, you will be judged by the people, and your descendents will feel shameful because of your crimes. You have to lean from the mirror of history. Here we quote one paragraph from "The Rosses without Flowers" written by Lu Hsun, which serves as an encouragement to our comrades as well as a warning to those who have usurped the government power:

" The bullets spreaded the warm blood of the youth. The blood will neither camouflage the lies written in ink, nor be intoxicated by the written condolence. No threat can suppress it, because it won't be cheated and murdered any more!"

THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM AND JUSTICE IS INVINCIBLE! Issued by Lian Shengde Captain of Tian An Men Square pro-democracy movement in 1989 Fang Nengda Scholar from mainland China Movement for Free China (FCM) Contact: (703) 645 9054 (703) 329 6836

on December 23, 1997

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