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Free China Movement Executive Committee strongly support the brave action from 56 brave Chinese
dissidents in their request that president Clinton meet with the representative of Chinese dissidents -- Mr. Xu Wenli in Beijing. As spokesperson of Free China Movement we believe that this is a very good opportunity for  Mr. Clinton to show his sincerity of his support of Chinese people's struggle for Freedom and Democracy in China. We believe that as the leader of justice and human rights in the world US president  must do something to prove that he is not betraying the funding principle of this great nation for the short term economic interest of America.

The co-signatures of 56 Chinese dissidents, most of them former political prisoners and religious prisoners, is the first time largest activity in the last nine years in China after the same Chinese government bloodily crack down the peaceful democracy movement in 1989.

Free China movement would like to call for the world's attention that no more persecution of Chinese dissidents who are peacefully  struggling for basic human rights. If the Chinese communist government continue to crack down on dissidents, we shall tell them clearly they are closing the door of dialogue and possible peacefully resolution between millions of oppressed laid-off workers, citizens, peasants and the Chinese communist government. If any dissident being detained or arrested by the Chinese government, Free China Movement will start hunger strike in front of the White House and Chinese Embassy before or during Clinton's visit to mainland China.

We call for president to hear the voice of the Chinese people and show his dedication to the moral principle of peace, freedom, democracy and justice.

We would like to remind president Clinton of your words in 1993, that:"...Our hopes, our hearts, our hands, are with those on every continent who are building democracy and freedom. Their cause is America's cause."

Also another remainder of president Clinton's speech on October 1, 1992, that:"Today, we must ask ourselves, 'What has thee President's China policy really achieved?' The Chinese leadership still sells missiles and nuclear technology to Middle Eastern dictators who threatens us and our friends. They still arrest and hold in prison leaders of the pro=democracy movement. They restrict American access to their markets, while our trade deficit with China will reach $15 billion this year."

President Clinton, can you leave thousands of Chinese political and religious prisoners in jail when you will step on the bloody carpet in Tian An Men Square and shake the hands of the butcher?

Please meet the representative of Chinese dissidents inside and out side China.

Shengde Lian, Wang Xizhe, Joel Segal
Spokesperson of Free China Movement
June 19 1998

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