Attention: Mr.Wilkes and Bao Ying
Dear Mr. Wei:

On behalf of all the organizors and supporters of the Free China Movement Unity Conference, we cordially invite you to attend this meeting!

You are well-recognized to be the most prominent fighter for democracy in China.In the past 20 years you have made epoch-marking contribution to Chinese people's struggle for democracy and freedom.  Your articles at that time are still scintilating brillance of truth, pointing out direction for China.  You paid great price for this, however, 18 years of suffering like Prometheus made you more firm at your stance.  You have become a flag of the Chinese Democratic Movement.  This is your honor, and your duty.

Facing a strong enemy, Chinese DM should be unitied.  This doesn't mean high degree of centralization like CCP, but mean that we should work under a democratic mechanism, overcoming differences and achieving common ground, in order to attack CCP all-out.  Thus we need a general co-ordinating network, which would be created by the Unity Conference.  At the same time, we need a DM leader like Mandela and ÍßÎÄÈø, who should have great charm of moral quality and ability as a leader, while being modest, open-minded and all-inclusive, making full use of his personal influencial power under the assistance of DM comrades in order to organize DM activities effectively.  You, are the best candidate for this leader.

We cordially hope you continue to be our flag, leading China to democracy adn freedom.

We are expecting the promising future of Chinese DM, while we have to face some problems.  In recent years the Chinese Democracy Movement has been in great  trouble, partially due to disadvantageous external environment, while its internal problems were brought into open.  We confess that although we firmly pursue the ideal of democracy, because everyone of us had been living under the CCP regime for a long time, our methods of thinking and behaving was ineluctably influenced by CCP.  In DM activities, this has done great harm.  In order to fulfill our duty to history, we must examine our own errors in time, having the courage to criticize our own past, in order to improve ourselves.

Political organizations in western democratic counties have got some effective methods of operation after hundreds of years of development, which provides shortcut for Chinese DM.  Many western political activists are concerned with Chinese DM and offer help.  One of the principal goals of the Free China Movement Unity Conference is to learn from their experiences of success, which are invaluable treasures to make us avoid detour.

We believe, the Free China Movement Unity Conference will be successfully heldunder your participation and leadership, achieving its goals fully.  Let CCP tremble, because it fears our unity most.  Let the suffering Chinese people find their hope, because a new Chinese DM will represent their future of freedom and happiness.  Let's get unitied; let any undemocratic system die!

Sincerely yours,

co-ordinator of the Unity Conference
Shengde Lian
Former captain of Tian An Men Square Student Movement and formal political prisoner

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