INVISIBLE HANDS BEHIND CHINA'S RECENT SERIES OF BOMBING On March 7, 1997, a bomb exploded inside a fully packed bus which injured dozens of passengers, in the crowed Xidan area, the heart of Downtown Beijing, hundreds yards away from Zhong Nan Hai, the headquarter office of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

Similar bomb explosions occurred in Guangzhou, the major southern coastal city of China, Wulumuqi, the Capital city of most troubled Uigur Minority Autonomous Region. Immediately after the Beijing Bomb explosion, President Jiang Zemin's office promptly summoned the Ministry of the Public Security which Immediately identified, before any serious investigation was even started, the Uigur minority and Islamic groups inside China as the "terrorists" who are officially accused for planting and detonating the explosives.

The ordinance issued by Chinese security authorities following the command from Jiang Zemin's office officially declared various notorious racial discriminative policy, targeting Chinese "Jewish inferior race", including calling for putting the Uigur minority people under security watch, officially urging the Taxi drivers not to take Uigur passengers, and conductors of all public transportation to watch and search Uigur passengers. Numerous racial discriminative intimidations and harassment coupled with government organized persecutions against Uigur people and Islamic residents in Beijing and other cities have been sporadically reported. The persecutive, and discriminative Government Ordinance was issued before any official investigations have ever been conducted, let along completed.

Chinese Government under President Jiang Zemin, does not have to undertake any serious official investigation. Everything is premeditated and concerted under the highest authority of Chinese summit, directly under the control of Mr. Zeng Qing Hong, coordinator general of "Z" program. According the confidential intelligence Report from the underground Reform China Intelligence Network, an official who refused to disclose his identity for safety concern from very top of the Chinese authority who has several personal contacts with President Jiang Zemin's inner circle revealed that the recent bomb explosion in Xidan, Downtown Beijing, several hundreds of yards from Zhong Nan Hai, during the session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress was actually orchestrated and conducted by President Jiang's office. An absolute confidential task force team led by Zeng Qing Hong, AKA, "003", President Jiang's closest political advisor and key member of his inner circle, has been working on several operational program .

As part of President Jiang Zemin's series of programs whose code name is "Z", the bomb explosion occurred at the heart of intensified security guarded Capital, is a well concerted plan leading to consolidating Mr. Jiang Zemin's power base which faces the serious challenges after the death of China's paramount leader of Deng Xiao Ping, which may soon prompt Jiang to legitimately declare the state emergency. "Z" Program is crafted to consolidate the Jiang Zemin's power base in Chinese ruling group, by strengthening the security control of China, quash any dissents, any reforming attempts, or any challengers against Jiang's authority as a legitimate heir of Den Ex Ping from inside the Party and the Army.

For this strategic purpose, a nationwide tension must be artificially created and manipulated in order to raise highest alert to all parties, all armed forces, and all peoples. Jiang's think tanks know well that the purpose cannot be fulfilled without finding an "dangerous enemy" before the general public. "Z" program is therefore designed to unify all walks of life of Chinese Peoples who suddenly find themselves living in the vacancy of fear left by the irreversible disappearance of communist strongman Den Ex Ping; "Z" Program is also designed, following the old fashion Maoist tactic to set up a scapegoat, this time, the targets are the ethnic minority Uigur, Islam and Tibetans, to ventilate the hatreds and enrage of losing peoples who have been dumped to the streets by the collective bankruptcy of State owned enterprises and restructuring of rural industry. The ultimate goal of the "Z" program under the leadership of Zeng Qing Hong or "003" is designed to counter-balance the upcoming total political crises which may cause "Domino Effects" of the collapsing of the Chinese Communism, and to legitimize the restoration of the "Maoist Red Terror" under the strong hold of President Jiang Zemin, and to pave the way leading to establishment of "National Socialism" of "Chinese Character" under the newly emerged Strong Man of Adolf Jiang (Zemin).

The source from Chinese summit authority also revealed, the secret team under the leadership of Zeng Qing Hong, is joined by two junior, but influential researchers from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The source said, "Z" Program leaders also studied the possibility to consolidate Jiang's supreme authority through launching an armed conflicts with Taiwan or Japan with a "limited warfare" tactic. They ruled out an immediate execution of the "limited warfare tactic" because they don't want to repeat the disgraceful failure of the war-game testing during the March of 1996 after carefully measuring the potential risk.

The Source said the "Z" program leaders correctly predicted that the "Eastern Turkishstan Front" is ready at any time to immediately claim the credits of all these "bombings" because the Front is eager to receive assistance from Islamic world by presenting their achievements inside China. Reform China Intellegence Network, Washington Office For Further Information, please contact Daniel Chang at (301)251 2738 or E-mail to: