Free China Movement (FCM) supports the proposal raised by dissidents in China asking IOC to put human rights as the core factor in deciding China's bid for 2008 Olympic Games--"no improvements of human rights no right to host Olympic! Geneva lobbying effort started at the first day of New Year to prove and reserve justice of human society

FCM strongly support the proposals raised by dissident in China asking the IOC members and countries around the world to tell the Chinese Communist government to release all prisoners of conscience (There are currently at least more than 220,000 prisoners without due process in the re-education labor camp in main land China). Free China Movement demands the following specific requirements met before IOC considers China's bid for 2008 Olympic in Beijing:
1.Release more than 250 students and many more citizens who are still being detained in labor camps across China for their active and peaceful roles since 1989's pro democracy movement in China;
2.Release all religious prisoners including thousands of practitioners of Zhong Gong and Falun Gong who were sent to labor Camps for exercising their rights of belief;
3.Release all 34 China Democracy Party and Free China Movement leaders who are sentenced from 3 to 13 years for their peaceful effort to register opposition China Democracy Party or to exercise their right to return to their mother land;
4.Stop torturing and killing of prisoners of conscience during the custody in the hands of governments; Persecute those responsible who conducted murder of 104 Falun Gong practitioners in the last one year and half.
5.Stop further human rights violations and abide by Universal declaration of Human Rights of UN and Two International Covenants Chinese government had signed two years ago.

Unless these five simple requirements are met before July of 2001, IOC and International community should block PRC's effort to host 2008 Olympic game.

The spirit of Olympic is "peace, friendship and progress". "If the International community let the Olympic be hosted in a country where the government as a massive murder mobilized its armed forces to kill hundreds or even thousands of its own students and citizens, where the government is acting like organized criminal and murder who is still conducting massive arbitrary arrest, torture and killing of innocent citizens, it would not only be a shame to the humanity but also be a betray of the dignity of and the sole purpose of Olympic games!" Stated Shengde Lian, former Tian An Men Square student leader, political prisoner and executive director of Free China Movement.

"Free China Movement will led a delegation of 30 to 50 dissidents to lobby member of United Nations to support a resolution to condemn China's horrendous human rights violations after the International community being cheated into believing that quiet diplomacy will help to improve human rights in China. Now only the option of action is left to force Chinese government to change its fearless human rights violations. Free China Movement will also lobbying western democracy to link human rights with Olympic. That's the last thing the International community must do to prove to China there is still justice and principal in the World and Olympic game itself!" Stated Wang Xizhe, general coordinator of FCM and co-chair of China Democracy Party.

"If United States does not release founder of Zhong Gong, Mr. Zhang Hongbao, from the jail of INS in Guam, it's hard for other countries to support a resolution to condemn China's human rights violations in Geneva this year. So we appeal to President Clinton and president-elect Bush to release him now before China use this as an accuse to block the International community's effort to pass a resolution to condemn PRC!"