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For Immediate Release


Date: February 27, 2003

Contact: Timothy Cooper

Tel: 202/361-0989


Founder of overseas Chinese democracy Movement Kidnapped and illegally sentenced to life on February 10 will receive his “appeal” decision on February 28; Free China Movement expects Dr. Wang will be freed soon after this ‘appeal sentence” due to strong pressure from United States and the world.


Washington DC 02/27/2003


On behalf of Family members of Christian Democracy leader Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Free China Movement is hereby notifying the media that Dr. Wang’s “appeal” decision will be made on Friday morning, which is unusually short. Dr. Wang stated in his letter to family members after the life sentence on Feb 10 that he opposed all the false charges against him and protested the trial at the courtroom.


Dr. Wang’s sister Wang Mei and brother-in-law have entered China in the hope to attend the appeal sentence scheduled on February 28 at 8:00 Am Beijing time. The usual appeal sentence takes from one month to 45 days. However family members of Dr. Wang was notified that the decision would be made on this Friday morning. Family members and leaders of Free China Movement across the globe hopes this is a good sign that Dr. Wang may be freed soon due to the strong protest from US state department and US Congress.


Many people have written to US Congress to protest the illegal kidnapping and sentence of US national Dr. Wang Bingzhang who had been deprived his PRC citizenship since 1980s. A Lawsuit is also in process to charge Chinese Communist leaders of conducting international cross boarder kidnapping of US national. For more information on the lawsuit, please contact Dr. Paul Risenhoover at or 886921218684.


Christine Wang, daughter of Dr. Wang and other family members will fly to Washington DC next week to meet with members of Congress, including: Frank Wolf, Nancy Pelocy, John Conjer, Jr., Adam Smith, Ellen Tauscher and Tom Lantos, etc. A resolution to demand the immediate release of Dr. Wang Bingzhang is circulated for more sponsors on Capital Hill.


Since the life sentence by the Communist court in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, many Chinese scholars have pointed out the charge of “espionage” against Dr. Wang is unconstitutional where the Chinese law stated that espionage will apply to spying for foreign countries where Chinese law regards Taiwan as part of China. So the major factor contributing to the life sentence is gone. The second charge of “terrorism” is also strongly rebutted by international legal scholars where the court used Li Shaoming and Ni Jingbing as witness. But both key “witnesses” revealed that they were charged a few years ago on the charges unrelated to Dr. Wang at all and those so-called links with Dr. Wang were totally fabricated and thus cannot be relied upon.


Free China Movement and many pro-democracy activists have united after Dr. Wang after the illegal trial and sentence and have unanimously condemned the Chinese government’s ground rule breaking with the pro-democracy community in this case and warned about the serious consequences if Dr. Wang is not released immediately.