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Statement from Board members of Free China Movement


In America when "national security" interests are involved, the Court invokes the Classified Information Procedures Act to protect the classified information, sources and methods, but the trial remains open to the public and media, the defense remains able to call its own witnesses and present its own evidence, and the defense remains able to conduct effective cross-examination of the prosecution's China, the trial is closed, no evidence is presented to the defense, the defense is not allowed to call any witnesses, the defense is not allowed to present any evidence, and the trial lasts only a few other words whereas the Soviets had many "show" trials, the communist Chinese only have "no trials" with no evidence, no witnesses, no defense, no rights, and no due process.

America has never been afraid of affording real terrorists the privileges of our Constitutional due process protections, yet China is afraid of affording real patriots and democracy activists even the minimum modicum of due process rights supposedly afforded defendants under their disgraceful sham "people's courts".

Americans should know that our State Department refused to assist an American national and deeply religious Christian brother, Dr. Bingzhang Wang, in his hour of need after having been illegally kidnapped and tortured in the Golden Triangle's border area near China. His only crime is to believe that the Judeo-Christian heritage's emphasis on human rights for all people whether black or white or Chinese, whether Jew or gentile, whether
Protestant or Catholic, are God-given rights which no despotic regime may wrest away from the hearts of the people. State Department officials in the Asia and Pacific Affairs bureau told US government journalists working for the Voice of America that Wang was not entitled to US diplomatic protection, and with reminiscences of the drama "Red Corner" come to life, US Embassy officers in Beijing told the New York Times the same thing.


It is clear to all who knew him well that Dr. Wang is a loyal American national who is faithful in his allegiance to the American political heritage of democracy and freedom and justice for all, and it behooves all who cherish those same core American ideals to extend their best efforts to secure his immediate release and return to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Dr. Wang is a nonviolent Christian who has never engaged in any act of violence, never carried or discharged or even owned a handgun or weapon.


Dr. Wang's dedication to genuine American values should not be sacrificed at this time by the State Department's fear of a Chinese veto at the United Nations regarding the war on Iraq for even if the Security Council were to veto such matters a hundred times, the United States of America and her principal ally England would remain equally justified in international law to engage in preemptive action against Saddam's despotic regime supplied and armed by the communist Chinese.


There can be no real security in the world as long as the tyrants who run China remain free to pretend that their arms trading companies exports of chemical and biological weapons and technologies, nuclear weapons and technologies, and other weapons of mass destructions and conventional weapons sold or given away to the their despotic partners in illicit regimes and terrorist groups around the globe do not violate fundamental norms of international law.


There can be no real security as long as such vile regimes as the communist Chinese, which force abortions on over ten million of their mothers against their will each year, retain a veto at the Security Council. The Communist Chinese blow up 3,000 World Trade Centers every year, ten every day, through their coercive forced abortions
against the will of their pregnant mothers. Just as it is a farce for the UN Human Rights council to be controlled by Libya, it is equally a farce for the Security Council to have communist Chinese with a veto power determining whether or not America may pursue her legitimate and lawful national security interests in the world.


Hence, its the time for US government to stand up firmly against dictators from Baghdad to Beijing by demanding the immediate release US National and Christian Dr. Wang Bingzhang and thus to uphold the funding principles of this great nation democracy, freedom and justice! (30)