Washington DC 01/15/2003


Wang Qingyan, daughter of Dr. Wang Bingzhang, was contacted by two law offices in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on January 15, 2003 and was told that they are lawyers of Dr. Wang who is scheduled to be tried on January 22 on two accounts of charges: “Spying” and “Organizing and leading ‘terrorism’ organization”.


Here are the names and contact of the two law offices:

1.       Guangzhou Pacific (TaiPingyang) Law Office, Mr. Wen Chao Tel: 86-20-8331-5289

2.       Nan Fang Law Office (The Southern Law Office), Ms. Yang Min, Tel: 86 20 8386-4082, 86 20 8386 3023


Ms. Yang Min told Ms. Wang, that the office received the case last Friday (January 10, 2003) and has met with Dr. Wang three times. They admitted they have never dealt with this kind of case before. Ms. Wang told that law office that Dr. Wang was no longer a Chinese citizen and is a US National whom Chinese government has no jurisdiction.


Family members and Dr. Wang’s pro-democracy friends and leaders in Free China Movement asked the law office to provide proof of authorization from Dr. Wang asking them to be his lawyers and requested to the two law offices that Dr. Wang’s family has the right to visit him and be aware of any detention and charge against Dr. Wang.


Free China Movement condemns strongly against Chinese government’s kidnapping, illegal detention and charging of pro-democracy movement leader Dr. Wang Bingzhang and two other fellow colleagues on June 27, 2002. FCM further stated that the Communist government since a long time ago has not renewed Dr. Wang’s PRC passport and Dr. Wang is only a national of United States. PRC has no jurisdiction over Dr. Wang at all. It’s a big joke for a terrorist government to charge a peaceful man who happens to be the founder of overseas Chinese Democracy Movement. The movement has been well known to be one of the most peaceful and rational movements against tyranny and repression around the world.


Thus Free China Movement calls for United States to ask the Chinese government for US National Dr. Wang’s immediate release. FCM also ask the international legal community to involve in this case where wrong jurisdiction and wrongful charges against victims of kidnapping by the kidnapper and a totalitarian government which has been known to conduct state terrorism against its minorities, religious believers and pro-democracy dissidents in the last 53 years of rule by “red terror”. Free China Movement is also seeking legal remedy against the terrorist kidnapping by Chinese government and violation of international law by the totalitarian regime sustained by red terror.


For more information, please contact:

Wang Qingyan daughter of Dr. Wang Tel: 626 712 7866

Shengde Lian, executive Director, Free China Movement Tel: 703 864 7866

Timothy Cooper, International Director, Free China Movement Tel: 202 361 0989