Free China Movement

Political Party Organizer Arrested upon return to China

Washinton DC 0211/2004

Contact: Richard Long (202) 262-6238

Member organization of Free China Movement has confirmed the arrest of Huang Jinqiu by the Chinese govoernment since 9/13/2003. He is currently detained in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Free China Movement strongly condemns the secret arrest and detaining of Mr. Huang by the Chinese Communist regime in Beijing since September 13, 2003 without notifying his family members.

"The Free China Movement expresses our increasing confidence that there will be more and more Chinese citizens standing up and openly challenging the totalitarian regime in Beijing by exercising the universal rights of freedom of association and freedom of speech. Those rights are supposed to be guaranteed by the PRC Constitution and the blatant violation of those protected rights again and again can only tell the world that the Beijing authority will do everything to try to stop the people from exercising those rights in specific and the fighting for a free China in general, in vain." Stated Hongkuan Li, leader of Free China Movement and editor of Chinese VIP Reference.

"Free China Movement calls the Chinese Communist government to release Mr. Huang and other political prisoners like Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Zhao Changqing and Hu Shigeng immediately before its too late for the Chinese communist party to get forgiveness from the people after the coming revolution to establish a Free republic in mainland China." stated Wang Xizhe, President of Free China Movement and co-chair of China Democracy Party.

For more information, please contact Richard Long, leader of Free China Movement and editor of Chinese VIP Reference at 202 262 6238

Contact of Mr. Huang's family members in China:

Huang Jinqiu's father Mr Huang Guide (Shandong China) Tel. # 0539-839-0310

His sister's Ms. Huang Jinwei Tel. # 0539-818-7915

Huang's Political Advisor Chen Yangchao's Tel # 0045-22-17-9678 (Europe)


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