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For Immediate Release

Date: December 20, 2002

Contact: Timothy Cooper        Wang Xizhe

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(Families of dissidents have never heard about $10 million ransom cited by Chinese officials as alleged reason for kidnapping)


WASHINGTON, D.C.-- The release of yesterday’s report by the Xinhua News agency that the three Chinese dissidents, Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Yue Wu and Zhang Qi, -- the so-called “Democracy 3”-- who disappeared on the Vietnam/China border on June 17, 2002, were in fact kidnapped confirms the accusation of kidnapping leveled on July 22, 2002 by the Free China Movement and reveals the shocking lengths that the Beijing government will resort to maintain its control over the reins of power to fend off forces inside and outside China campaigning for the evolution of democratic change in China. The Free China Movement and all of its leaders scattered across the globe unanimously condemn the belligerent and offensive behavior of the Chinese government that violates the letter and spirit of international law.


“I want to ask Chinese government to allow my sister Zhang Qi to return to USA—an intention she has just expressed to me over the phone a few hours ago; I also ask US government’s help in securing her immediate and safe return. I also want to thank the democracy movement and world media’s close attention to this case!” stated Yan Qingxin, sister of Zhang Qi who is living in New York City.


“The Beijing government offends the dignity of humankind by its conduct in this matter,” declared Timothy Cooper, ambassador-at-large for the China Democracy Party and international director of the Free China Movement. “By kidnapping and detaining a permanent US citizen—Dr. Wang Bingzhang-- whose only crime was to advocate on behalf of fundamental principles that Americans hold dear—a respect for human rights and the support of political pluralism worldwide, it has sunken to a new level of moral bankruptcy on the world stage,” concluded Cooper.


“The charge leveled against Dr. Wang Bingzhang by Beijing that he is a spy for Taiwan is simply ludicrous,” stated Shengde Lian, executive director of the Free China Movement. “Therefore, we demand the immediate and unconditional release of the ‘Democracy Three’, and call upon the US government to investigate overseas Chinese agents who worked in the US for the past six months to spread disinformation about the whereabouts of Dr. Wang, Yue Wu and Zhang Qi,” concluded Mr. Lian.


“Dr. Wang should not be the one facing trail on the charge of spying,” stated Wang Xizhe, co-chairman of the China Democracy Party. “China should face trial in the court of world opinion on its actions for kidnapping and detaining a permanent US resident. Dr. Wang had done no wrong, only China continues to act in a manner unbefitting a great nation.”


These views have been echoed by many FCM leaders, including but not limited to: Zhou Yongjun, Chair, Campaign to End the Lao Jiao Concentration Camp in China; Ming Wong, Chair, CAD; Fang Yuan, Chair, China Labor Party; Zhao Pinglu, Chair, International Association of Chinese Workers.  “It’s a test to the resolve of international community and US government in forbidding the abusive use of terrorism by PRC against peaceful pro-democracy dissident leaders    and stop the Red regime’s serious violations of international laws. The only way for the Chinese government to save face this time is to apologize to family members of the Democracy Three and allow them to come back to their family immediately.  If the totalitarian regime refuses to do so, the free world and US should reevaluate its stance on PNTR and 2008 Olympics. How can we have normal trade with a rogue nation and hold the game in it that is conducting kidnapping against its opponents?” the Free China Movement leaders asked.