TX Protest Plan


Subject: “Murderer Jiang, Stop Your Red Terror Now!”



Oct 24

Dissidents will be arriving on Oct 24 before noon in Austin


Oct 25

People will be transported to Waco outside of Bush’s farm for protesting and press conference before early Oct 25.


Message to Murderer Jiang to be written on a farmland:


Murderer Jiang Zemin or (JZM), stop Human Atrocities Now!  or

Jiang Zemin, Free Chinese People From Red Terror Now!

Or else


Oct 26

People will be leaving Austin back to Washington DC after noon


Notes: Only sleeping accommodation will be provided for most people and participants will be responsible for their food and other minor cost


Leading Free China Movement and other democracy movement leaders confirmed to come: Wei Jingsheng, Shengde Lian, Yongjun Zhou, Timothy Cooper, John Kusumi, Fang Nengda, etc.




Contact Information:


Washington DC:

Mr. Timothy Cooper 202 361 0989 tcooper@freechina.net

Mr. Majer Zhou 202 289 7481 yzhou@freechina.net

Mr. Shengde Lian 703 864 9304 slian@freechina.net


New York City:

Mr. Zhao Pinlu  718 321 2899 nycoffice@freechina.net



Mr. Jere Locke (512) 472-1915          jerel@att.net



Mr. Wang Chongxiao (214) 2694336 cwang@freechina.net

Mr. Zhang Xing           (318) 572-1943 xzhang@freechina.net