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Date: September 5, 2002

Contact: Timothy Cooper

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Washington, DC--- China Democracy Party dissidents Mr. Mu Chuan Heng and Mr. Yan Peng were placed on trial today at the Dashan Court in Qingdao city, Shangdong Province, and accused by the government subverting the state.”  Their trial took place after the two had been detained secretly for the past year. Free China leaders strongly condemn the Beijing Dictator’s expanded state terrorist practices in recent years due to lack of realistic International pressure and call US to the cancellation “president” Jiang’s visit to US in October.


The trial commenced at 9:00 am as the government’s prosecutor

Mu Chuan Heng of reviewing political articles on the Internet.


Started at 9:00am, prosecutor accused Mr. Mu Chuan Heng as guilt for his 8 articles, which included “Save China only When Socialism Abandoned”, “Spiritual stem of CCP’s Political Ideal has been Corrupted”, which published on the Internet. Yang Peng was also guilt for his assistance of wide publishing.


During the trial, Lawyers of Mu Chuan Heng and Yan Peng defended for them as not guilt. Refuting prosecutor’s accusation one by one, defending lawyers advised, “Reflecting lessons of our history, we should not add more injustice cases.” The offended Prosecutor demanded judge to suppress Mr. Mu’s counterplea at lost and caused a strong instant protest from Mu, after overwhelming debating between prosecutor and defendants about “guilt” or ”not guilt” and the legitimacy of the evidence.




By the Chinese law, only the account of defendant can not prove the

accused crime, prosecutor had to release more evidences, including a

record without Yan Peng’s signature, a guilt appraisal from Propaganda

Division of Qingdao Committee of CCP, and downloaded document, which was denied by defendants. But the prosecutor could not explain it from the beginning to the last, when Defendants and their lawyers challenged the legitimacy and efficiency of this kind of evidences.


Trial concluded at 4:00PM without sentence. More than 30 friends and

The relationships of Mu Chuan Heng and Yan Peng attended the trial as

auditors, accompanied by almost same number of secret police. Few lawyers show up as auditors also.


Mu Chuan Heng and Yan Peng were accused of guilty for their wittings posted on Internet. Those writings exposed foul, offensive mindset of CCP and its regime to the main stream of the world civilization once more.


Released at 9:30AM, 5th September, 2002, by China Human Rights Review Update and translated by Yongjun Zhou


August 30, 2002, Chinese dissidents, Mr. Mu Chuan Heng and Mr. Yan Peng were put on the so called “open trial” at Dashan Court in Qingdao city, Shangdong Province for their words of  “Subverting the State”, after being detained secretly for more than one year.


 “We ask the world to watch closely the new showcase trial of CDP activists for exercise the basic rights of expression and freedom of thought and protest with action. President Bush should stand on the right side of history by condemning this ‘trial’ and ask Jiang Zemin to release CDP activists or he will not be welcomed in USA who are fighting against all sorts of terrorist practices to protect freedom and human rights”, stated Wang Xizhe, Co-chair of China Democracy Party Joint Headquarters.


“As we have accurately predicted, if the international world is so naďve that it gives up real pressure such as PNTR, WTO and IOC 2008 with right conditions, the human rights violations will be worse. More than 35 CDP leaders have been put in jail for exercise international guaranteed rights of free assembly now comes the show trial of more. President Bush has to act tough now in face of Red China’s unrestricted and serious violations and cancel Jiang’s visit to USA and boycott 2008 Olympics in Beijing as a moral protest!” Stated Shengde Lian, executive director of Free China Movement.


Free China Movement leader Majer Zhou, who was just released from 3 years of “Re-Education Via Forced Labor” after entering China in 1998. He is heading the Campaign to Revoke Lao Jiao (Re-Education Via Forced Labor)” launched by Free China Movement on August 29 at the press conference held in National Press Building. Free China Movement leaders and family members of three missing dissident Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Yue Wu and Zhang Qi called for Chinese government to disclose the whereabouts of the missing 3 “Detaining citizens for more than 1 year without admitting by the Chinese government, this government of totalitarian regime has no right to trial pro-democracy activist for posting their research! We call world leaders to join our strong protest of the widely worsening human rights violations in China!”


“We will lobby USA to prepare early to raise a resolution to Condemn China’s unspeakable human rights violations in Geneva next year. Now it’s the time for US to act early and act bravely to show its leadership in UN and in the world!”


Contact: Jiang Fuzhen (Qingdao)  (30)