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August 25

Dear member of Congress and Department of Justice
Washington, DC

On behalf of more than 30 pro-democracy and human rights organizations
around the world, Free China Movement urges you to ask INS office in Guam to grant
political asylum to Mr. Zhang Hongbao thus to save his life. Master Zhang
Hongbao is the founder of one of the largest Qigong/religious group in
China with more than 10 million practitioners in China. Free China
Movement was surprised to know that INS office in Gram delayed granting of
political asylum to Mr. Zhang on July 21 under the pressure from Chinese
Communist Embassy in United States.

Chinese Communist Embassy in America told INS that Mr. Zhang left China
illegally and slandered him as common criminals-a covenient way to slander
and crack down on political and religious dissidents in China. The INS office
in Gram bent under the pressure from the dictator and thus delayed the
granting political asylum to Master Zhang. We should ask ourselves how much
credibility the communist regime has over the history. They have made up a lot
of lies and accusations when they need to crack down political and religious
dissidents.  The Red Regime tried destroy him because his beliefs are diametrically
opposed to Marxism-Leninism and has the largest membership to challenge the regime.

Master Zhang was the founder of Zhong Gong since 1985. Zhong Gong is one
of the largest and earliest Qigong groups in China that teach people to
improve physical and mental health through meditation and exercise. Before
the starting of the crackdown of Falun Gong in July 1999, the Chinese
Communist government had targeted Zhong Gong as a threatening force and prepared to
crack down in April, 1999. Since the Falun Gong demonstration out of Chinese
headquarter in April of 1999.

To prevent the April 25 protest in 1999 from happening again, Chinese cvommunist
government staarted quiet crack down on Zhong Gong. Zhong Gong was also
categorized by the Chinese Communist government as an "evil
cult" secretly by Jiang Zeming.  Zhong Gong has followers from 10 millions
to 30 millions in China.

The condition for political asylum is based upon well-founded fear of
persecution. There had been more than 600 Zhong Gong activists being
arrested and sent to labor camps. More than 3000 gathering stations being
closed by the government since last year. Similar to the tactics used by
the government to attack Falun Gong and its master Li Hongzhi, Chinese
government-the largest evil cult in the world who had killed more than 80
million Chinese people in the last 51 years of its rule-- is slandering
Master Zhang Hongbao as "common criminal" to prevent him to be free in
America. If political asylum were not granted to Master Zhang, he would be
deported back to China and being executed like what they did to another
religious leader Liu Jiaguo last year.

Shengde Lian, former Tian An Men Square student leader in 1989 and
executive director of Free China Movement said: " If America justice would
be influenced by growing communist power like what we see in Master
Zhang's political asylum case, the human being will have no hope in the justice
of the free world. If we bent our principle in front of growing Communist
evil's lies, We are no longer able to differentiate the right from evil and the
people living under dictator will lose their hope for freedom and justice in America.
Free China Movement strongly supports Mater Zhang and the religious
freedom in China. We urge INS office in Guam made the right decision based
upon the danger Master Zhang is facing and protect his security. America
should not be influenced by dictator's will! If America do not stand up
against dictator and its expansion, who can?"

Timothy Cooper, International Director of Free China Movement, said: "It's
sad to know our Justice department is appeasing with the largest dictator
in the world by letting communist interfering with our justice system. American
people are being put into a position that their voices could not be reflected
by the Clinton administration. Constructive engagement with Communist
dictator had encouraged the Chinese government to sentence hundreds and
thousands of China Democracy Party and Falun Gong activists into forced labor
camps. Now the crack down has extended to America. Should we cooperate with
the dictator or say "NO: to them is a question in front all Americans who still want
their children to live a free life with out fear!"

Wang Xizhe, co-chair of opposition China Democracy Party founded in 1998
and leader of FCM said: "CDP supports all kinds of political and religious
freedom guaranteed by International treaties Chinese government signed on
and stated in Chinese Constitution. Chinese Communist government is widely
violating those International laws. We urge international Community to put
the Chinese Communist government on trial and protect those in danger like Mr. Zhang Hongbao according to International laws."

Richard Long, editor of Chinese VIP Reference Daily News, the largest
dissident publication and co-founder of Free China Movement urged Clinton
Administration do not make another bad example to tolerate Chinese
government's interference into American system and cooperate with evil. "
This will only deprive the freedom of this country later when the red
dictator in Beijing is being helped to grow stronger. We urge the Congress to
involve in this case and help to grant Mr. Zhang political asylum the sooner the better!"

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