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An Open Letter to President Clinton March 6, 1997

The Honorable President of the United States William Jefferson Clinton White House Washington DC 20025

Dear President Clinton:

We are Chinese students and scholars organized into the Party of Freedom and Democracy in China (PFDC), a humanitarian and charity organization dedicating to democratizing totalitarian red China. This letter is written to you, on the eve of the so-called "historical state visit" of Comrade Jiang Zemin, the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), express our serious concern on the Administration's consistent policy towards the Volks Reich of China (the "People's Republic of China"), the world's lone remaining Stalinist-totalitarian Superpower and a quickly rising national socialist giant, whose deadly and lethal threats to the world peace, freedom and the national security of the United States has long been downplayed, underestimated and even ignored.

1. Wrongful Perception on Jiang Zemin, a Diehard CCP Dictator

This "state visit" of Comrade Jiang Zemin, an infamous Beijing Butcher allied with "Prime Minister" Li Peng, takes place at the time when the horrendous anti-humanity crimes of massive executions followed by Nazi-Type brutal snatching of human organs was exposed to the world and the conscience of all mankind is being offended by the "Chicken-Monkey Justice" show by Beijing regime under Jiang's core leadership which consistently denies any chance of political reform and render zero concession to international pressures. This state visit occurred 106 days after the Chinese Communists brutally dissolved the democratically elected Hong Kong legislature. This state visit happens 19 months after the CCP's expansion war game in Taiwan Straits was deterred by the U.S. 7th Fleet; This state visit takes place approximately 3 years after the building up the "silent memorial" of Korean War in Washington and roughly 8 years after Tian Am Men Square massacre.

We are here to call for the People of the United States to raise their alert while facing a quickly growing lethal and invasive Neo-Nazi forces from Asia, even though our voice is weak, our message can hardly be got through, yet we believe that history will witness today, the day we, joining our tiny efforts with many prominent American statesmen of moral principles and of common wisdom and vision, making this alarming call for vigilance.

The mis-perception on the side of the entire Free World, on "Comrade Jiang Zemin", the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Chinese People's Liberation Army, The Chinese Armed People's Police, the omnipotent, powerful, and most effective huge spy network worldwide under the CCP, all under Jiang's "core leadership", under the "constitutional" banner of horrifying "Dictatorship of Proletariat", is overwhelming and well plagued through out the world.

A nation that loses vision perishes. "Time" Magazine recently called for a "Worldwide Re-Evaluation (?!) of China's Totalitarianism and its prominent hardliner Comrade Jiang Zemin; The loss of vision by such a major U.S. media may also be seen when "Time" magazine screaming its surprise in reporting the CCP's 15th National Congress by naively asking "Where are 5.7 million Chinese Communist Party Members?"

2. A Growing National Socialist Threats to Peace and Freedom

We can tell you where they are: they are seen in the Vast Chinese Gulag, they are seen in Mass Execution cites, they are seen in human organ snatching and trading places, they are seen in all Chinese hospitals where out-of-quota new borns or viable fetus in their third trimester are brutally murdered; they are seen in the banks of the West; They are seen in political insider circles from restaurant chef-owner from Little Rock to government officials in Washington DC; they are seen in widely plagued communist espionage inside the United States, they are seen in COSCO's "soft-landing" in such sensitive areas from Long Beach California to the region of Panama Canal (container can be used for espionage and military use); they are seen in ICBM launcher cites; they are seen in nuclear, bio-chemical and missile transactions with all those nations under the evil dictators, forming an international anti-Freedom alliance. If your vision is a little sharper, their existence may also be seen in sudden and violent death of Dr. Zhisui Li, and murder after the kidnapping of Mr. Wei Guoqiang, a defected spy chief of Xinhua News Agency U.S. Bureau, They are seen in anti-American turmois and unrests caused by an alleged "rape" charge, in Okinawa, Japan, where a key American military bases are located, they are also seen in terrorist attacks in Tokyo Subway in order to tarnish His Holiness Dalai Lama, they are also seen in mushrooming pro-CCP local media (mostly in Chinese); they are seen in such communist promoted books as "Yellow Peril" and "China May Say No", they are seen in all government behaviors simulating and repeating the behavior of the Nazi Third Reich under Adolf Hitler, they are seen in China's yearning for "more survival space to feed 1.2 billion mouths", they are also seen in notorious Kissinger and Associates, the Agency General in the United States for the Chinese Communist Party.

3. The Road is Not Taken

This Administration, under your leadership, is urged to move forward to form the honeymoon "Strategic partnership" with the Volks Reich of China (PRC), starting from so-called "constructive engagement", fatally ignoring the facts that CCP's China, is the only nation, not former USSR, Not Cuba, Not Iraq, but the "People's Republic of China", has claimed the greatest number of American lives during the CCP's anti-American Wars in both Korea and Vietnam since World War II (while driving more Chinese youths into ashes); ironically and fatally ignoring the facts that CCP's China under Comrade Jiang Zemin, is the world's only nation whose Inter-Continental Blastic Missiles with multi-nuke warheads are still aiming at the major cities of the United States. No sign has demonstrated that China has started to dismantle its nuclear arsenals, following the U.S. and Russia. With your generous approval, unfortunately, the U.S. dual-use hi-tech, such as the 47 supercomputers, has armed the Chinese military, greatly enhanced its ICBM's aiming accuracy and precision.

The thorny, and dangerous road leading to an ever "premature" marital "strategic partnership" shall not be taken while your partner on the other side has consistently defined you as its "strategic archenemy" in its official CCP's "Red-Letter" inner-circulars, "the Supreme Law" of China, and aiming its ICBM at your People.

The lethal and entrapping wedding bed is not to share with the wrongful partner of rosy and smiling face covering the real image of a habitual murderer and violent criminal against humanity without any moral restraint.

Mr. President, please do not trust Jiang Zemin. In the light of history of man's sufferings during and before World War II, we may be given a lesson on how to deal with the Nazi Fascism. History shows that neither Munich treaty, nor Molotov-Ribentrov Pact had prevented the Nazi Third Reich from invading at the both directions. The only effective way to defuse a growing lethal totaliterian force is to destablize, disintegrite, democratize or destroy them before they become powerful enough to threaten the world, not strengthen them. Any bilateral treaties, agreements, or even communiqus, concluded with a totalitarian regime as a habitual liar, without in-field supervision mechanism, is doomed to be the unilateral obligation on the United States, therefore, a disaster consequently.

Comrade Jiang is the pure heir of the Chinese Communist Revolutionary Martyr, Jiang Shangqing, a loyal, capable, and penetrating professional communist spy hiding beside the Nationalist generals and later killed. This smart, nicely smiled, humbly mannered, panda-like CCP leader is the world's most vicious Stalinist/fascist hardliner, yielding ZERO concessions to freedom, demonstrating his diehard standpoint as a hardliner Stalinist.

4. Quoting Lincoln to Defend the CCP's Fascist Genocidal Crimes

Unlike his predecessor, however, Comrade Jiang can play piano. He can even talk about something elegant by messing up Schumann's symphonic music with Chinese Du Mu's poem written about 1300 years ago. This smiling face with bloody knife in pocket has an ability to recite Communism Manifesto in broken Russian before Comrade Brezhnev and chants President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech in poor pigeon English in front of all important American patrons from Senators to major media correspondents since in a period of six years. Yet his colorful performance demonstrates his poor genetic defects uncovering his real image as an unremitting, diehard communist-fascist:

Comrade Jiang argued, while reciting piece of Gettysburg speech, that the Communist Genocidal Crimes committed in Communist occupied Tibet in 1959 when the "People's" "Liberation" Army murdered over one million Tibetans in a few bloody nights can be justified by Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech: Abolishment of Slavery under Dalai Lama(?!) and "Liberation" of Tibetan Slaves by President Lincoln's replica: Communist Chairman Mao Zedong! In Jiang's eyes, there is no difference between President Lincoln and his "Chairman Mao". In Comrade Jiang's rhetoric, there is no distinction between the Great Emancipation Proclamation and the Expansion of Communist-Fascist slavery southward up to Sino-Indian border. The slavery Comrade Jiang wants to vehemently defend by quoting Lincoln is the worst slavery in entire human history we have witnessed and experienced. To justify this guy's continuing communist-fascist slavery against Chinese and Tibetans, Jiang invited both Lincoln and Einstein as his front runner defenders, regardless the fact that both are the symbols of higher moral principles for freedom. Jiang is just exploiting these great saints for his nasty, ignoble communist-fascist crusade in an age of a hemispherical abandonment of communist slavery, which will ultimately pave the way for a Great Emancipation of human beings under totalitarianism. Having exposed Comrade Jiang's dirty PR trick, we believe the People of the United States can hardly hold their disgusting impulse if Jiang continues to preach by chanting Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech.

5. Liar on Issues of Human Rights and Democracy

Asked by the Washington Post about his's "agenda" on "political reform", Jiang flatly refused anything beyond his term of "Political restructuring" (a technical term used by typical Soviet communist technocrats), citing the CCP's habitual liar and anti-West distortion of "neo-Yellow Peril" doctrine, say, "I.2 billion mouths". Jiang's cheap shots pretext blaming "too many people" and "too many illiteracy" occurred 106 days after the Chinese Communists brutally dissolved the democratically elected Hong Kong legislature. Comrade Jiang did not explain to the world why had Hong Kong immediately become overpopulated and a land of illiteracy, then it no longer fits for democracy just a few hours after the CCP's take-over?!

While being asked about his ideas on human rights, this Soviet educated technocrat responded that his understanding of the human rights in China is to feed the 1.2 billion mouths, while citing Einstein's relativity! We really wonder when did Mr. Einstein suddenly change his major to become an "animal rights" advocator during his life time in order to follow Comrade Jiang's track? But even the CCP's letter of credit on dehumanized animal rights of "mouth feeding" is a dishonorable note in large part of China. According to the statistics issued by the World Bank, 3.5 hundred million Chinese peoples living under the poverty lines, meaning, $1 per capita per day. More than 12 million unemployed people received zero assistance from the government. Other few million workers can only receive 100-200 RMB ($15-$30) per months. Many state owned enterprises have ceased to pay any salary for years. Demonstrations and protests of angry, starving and desperate workers in Mianyang, Zigong, Qiqihar, Wuchang were all bloodily suppressed by PAP. White Rose type resistance inside the PLA were also drowned in bloodbath by the Chinese Communists under Jiang. This notorious Beijing Butcher, allied with the infamous hardliner Prime Minister Li Peng, are committing the wrapped-up Tian An Men Massacre almost every night. They are sitting atop the huge volcanos of angry Chinese Peoples of all walks of life.

6. A Typical Totalitarian Regime with no Fundamental Change

The world's most absurd atheist regime under Comrade Jiang is continuing to launch irrational communist persecution against Catholics, Christians and other religious believers, with full of atheist hatred, pursuing the continuing totalitarian cultural obscurity drive by totally blocking Chinese peoples from being enlightened. On the other hand, This regime, under Comrade Jiang's "core leadership", takes all totalitarian measures to exercise the ideological control and cultural enslavement. It provides, in its recently promulgated mandatory Government Guideline of Political-ideological Education on Students Studying in Elementary and Higher Schools that the national socialist "brain-wash" should mandatorily start from the first grade grammar school pupils of age 6.

This regime, under Comrade Jiang's "core leadership", takes all totalitarian measures to rip all peoples off all their fundamental rights and freedoms. Beijing regime provides that the grantees and beneficiaries of any "foreign" not-for-profit grants and foundations should subject themselves to the City level Public Security Bureaus for "registration" and waiting for police approval;

Communist China under Jiang Zemin is the world's only nation whose government requires the users of the computer internet to subject themselves to the Public Security Bureaus for "registration" and waiting for police approval, even though another infamous dictator in neighboring Singapore, Mr. Lee Kwan Yew, has already provided the Beijing dictators an anti-internet police censorship software;

Communist China under Jiang Zemin is the world's only country has issued numerous "state secrets protection acts", entrapping many innocent people into long term imprisonment or even death penalty;

Communist China under Jiang Zemin is the world's only country which possesses the world's largest Gulag concentration camps;

Communist China under Jiang Zemin has now accelerated its mass murder and bloody suppression against Minority Ethnic peoples fighting against the CCP's cruel and inhumane ruling in those areas from Tibet to Inner Mongolia;

Communist regime under Jiang Zemin still imprisons thousands of Political and religious prisoner, including our Party's Honorary Chairman Mr. Hu Shigen who was sentenced to 20 years in 1994.

7. Detest Comrade Jiang Zemin's "Privatization" Program

Comrade Jiang Zemin has obviously been considerably accredited and highly acclaimed in the West for his proclamation of so-called "Grand Evolution", specifically, his proposed privatizing China's state owned enterprises. The "Time" magazine again has painted it as China's "final farewell" from communist system under the great leader Jiang. Jiang's proposal is nothing new.

Unfortunately, we find Comrade Jiang has never ever been a man of any innovative ideas remembering that this dumber was vehemently advocating "socialist superiority" even in 1990s (or his ridiculous and laughable campaign for "learning from Comrade Lei Feng, a screw nail in a machine of entire communism!"). The communist "privatization" of "Chinese character" has been in place at least since January 1991 when Mr. Chen Yuan (son of the #1 communist hardliner Chen Yun), the deputy commissioner of the "People's Bank of China" issued "CCP elite Princes New Deal", which openly stated that the "Public Ownership of the state owned enterprises must be immediately privatized into the CCP party members' ownership"(looting!). Chen Yuan, being backed by his father then alive, obviously made a grave offense in "leaking the top State Secrets": To steal, rob, and loot, by privileged communist-totalitarian elites, the national wealth accumulated through slave labors of generations under totalitarian slavery by brutally excluding the fair participation of general public, the creators of the estate. Such a nasty thing can only be done, can never be uttered, said Deng Xiaoping, whose IQ is much higher than Chen and Jiang.

The looting process has been proceeded for more than half decade and all the creams of the state enterprises has been skimmed and all the estate has been stolen. Up till July, 1996, the total debts of the state enterprises has been exceeding the total assets by $36 billion. The Chinese state enterprises has now been total insolvent and bankruptcy status. When Jiang echoed Mr. Chen's obsolete tone in "privatization" for second wave of looting, de jure, providing the world the skeleton remains of the SOE for junk food meal, the de facto "privatization" had long been finished. In the meantime, the illegal bank accounts in the West, deposited by the looting participants, which can be traced for statistics, had reached as high as U.S. $38 billions up till May 1995.

The communist regime nationalized the China's industry in 1957. It completed the nationalization of land in 1959. But well before that, it "nationalized" every individual's personal, civil, social and political rights and entitlement in 1949. The CCP's "privatization" of the nationalized public wealth of Chinese character is being undertaken under the condition that the super majority Chinese people's rights and entitlement have not been, and will never be "privatized". Therefore, they are completed excluded, VICTIMIZED and IRRELEVANT. Without "privatizing" their fundamental rights first, they are not only ripped off whatever they are entitled, but they are ripped off all dreams and hopes of sharing, reclaiming or replevying what they have long lost.

Comrade Jiang's "privatization, de jure" plan is by no means insignificant. Through Jiang's "privatization" program, any illegally looted estate will be retroactively legitimized and launder clean.

Jiang has no claim for patent of such a "privatization", neither does Chen. George Orwell had long before predicted the way of the "privatization" of the properties in communist "Animal Farm" among pigs who are "more equal" than any other animals. The CCP's "last supper" devouring the remains of the state owned enterprises is a naked looting and booty sharing among the "Orwellian Pigs". At this time, quite a few morally neutral business personnel may have reason to celebrate because they are also invited to enter the Orwellian Farm to share the junk meal with those ever hungry Orwellian Pigs of Chinese Character.

8. A Suicidal Policy--A Misplaced "Neo-Marshall Plan"

Comrade Jiang Zemin, the Deng's hand-picked political heir of CCP, who once ironically believed to be a "reformer", has accelerated systematic political suppression against any political dissidents outside the CCP and reforming force inside the CCP. Not only that, Jiang and his likes has launched an unprecedented nasty ultra-national, Nazi-type "neo-Boxer" campaign targeting the United States as the CCP's number one archenemy of the world. In the meantime, to launch a "soft landing" penetrating into North America by its mobilized Fifth Column. Jiang is Chairman Mao II, yet more dangerous than Mao.

Mr. President, your decision to grant the totalitarian China the unconditional MFN has substantially helped communist-fascist hardliner forces to re-stabilize its shaken regime while the fundamental interests of the freedom and democracy, as well as the vital interests of the national security interests of the U.S. requires that the regime be de-stabilized, disintegrated and democratized at this sensitive, critical moment of turning point! Otherwise, the once controlled cancer of totalitarian-fascism, with the limitless resource from Beijing, will be matasticizing all over the world again!

When freedom is threatened anywhere, it is threatened everywhere. A pacifist kow tow policy towards totalitarian China is not only a betrayal to the common cause of freedom and democracy, it has deviated from the founding value of the United States. Moreover, it is the least productive way to achieve the national security and economic interests of the United States while dealing with the totalitarian hardliners.

As the President of the United States, you may be fully aware that the simple fact that the communist-fascist Beijing regime, struggling hard to keep the delicate balance of power after death of Deng Xiaoping, will get approximately 46 billion U.S. dollar hard currency each year as trade surplus at the heavy cost of U.S. labor. While the tariff rates on the U.S. side is 10-15% while the rates on CCP is 40%. Workers in China are ripped off any fundamental rights such as organizing free labor unions. As such, all products imported from China into United States have become products of immoral slave labor, with unreasonably lower cost. Hence placing the United States in an unfair trading position with China. As the President of the United States, you may be fully aware with the fact that the crises ridden economic/finance mechanism of red China will exploit the chance you generously provide to further generate 80-120 million U.S. dollars each day from the West to revive its ailing economy. Putting those two categories of financial aid from the Free world, Communist China has received the financial aid from the West for approximately $90 Billions per annum, the number is equal to that of "Marshall Plan" in 1948. That "Neo-Marshall Plan", which is unconditional to privileged China, constantly pumping huge quantity of fresh blood into ailing Chinese communist economy, has been in place since 1991.

We noticed that you correctly advocated a new "Marshall Plan" used to support the newly liberated East Europe where Peoples heroically cast the chains of totalitarians. Prior to your proposal, such an eminent statesman as James Baker III also initiated the same plan, both are in vain. The Peoples of East Europe are suffering from the economic difficulties left by the communism and they are rewarded with virtually nothing. We do see the on-going "Marshall Plans", unfortunately, it was placed at a completely wrong place! Your new allies are left to starve, while your murderous archenemy is rewarded with $90 billions each year! While those morally neutral multinationals put more and more capital into the messy market of totaliterian China, they have an ever increasing stake to actively promote the "stability of a fascist regime" while their ever increasing assets are sucked in the Nazi economy. But should those morally neutral multinationals hold the national security interests of the United States, to hold the fundamental interests of entire free world into Chinese Fascist's custody simply because they have stake in China's evil regime?

Therefore, for obvious reason, China's unconditional MFN must be immediately suspended without any condition! A "Neo-Marshall Plan" imorally and unwisely granted to totaliterian China must be resolutely stopped!

8. Fight Against Dictators from Baghdad to Beijing!

Mr. President, please reconsider your PRC policy and heed your promise to fight against dictators from Baghdad to Beijing. Kow Tow policy towards such a hardliner communists have never been fruitful. A lethal totalitarian regime must be placed under the pressure of containment and sanction. The United States should take the leadership to coordinate the world's efforts to democratize the totalitarian China, hence to best preserve the fundamental interests of freedom, world peace and the national security interests of the United States.

Cordially yours,

Secretariat, the PFDC