Proposed Manifesto of Free China Movement


Today, for the fundamental interests of the Chinese people, the American people,
and of people around the world, we - a group of Chinese and Americans - are
gathering here to declare war against the totalitarian system of the Chinese Communist
Party. In our shared and combined goal to end the world's biggest, themost obdurate
one-party autocratic rule and to remove the world's largest hidden peril of turmoil and
war, we are united to initiate the Free China Movement.

The purpose of the Free China Movement is to establish human right, freedom,democracy,
rule of law, and pluralism in China. Based on this, we will ally ourselves with all the
forces that can be allied with and form a broad anti-dictatorship unified front. Our course
will be propelled with a spirit of persistent pursuit, devotion, tolerance and cooperation
and in a powerful, highly effective, and organized fashion.

The Free China Movement Not Only Belongs to China, But to the Whole World As

The Free China Movement first belongs to China. How unfortunate we Chinese are: In the
Beginning of this century, we were blessed with the first republic in Asia founded by our
national father Sun Yat-sen, but it was soon followed with endless domestic trouble and
foreign invasion and then replaced by a restoration of the totalitarian system for half a

The totalitarian system of the Chinese Communist Party has everything that the totalitarian
governments of all times and in all countries have. Through the monopley of all the resources
of the country, they have exercised an astonishing state control of violence over the people
from thinking to birth. The so-called "republic" of "the people" has reached the limit of
belittling, insulting, oppressing and trampling on its people. People's feeling of sadness about
their misery, their protest of any injustice, and their slight questioning of the darkness around
them even based on the preaching of the Chinese Communist Party itself are all treated as
rebellious traitors and heretics. From the collective execution in the 1950s to the group
imprisonment in the 1960s, to the parading of people through streets in order to publicly
disgrace them in the 1970s, to the Tiananmen massacre in the 1980s, this government has
fabricated its "stableness" based on the total silence of the people out of fear; it has faked the
"unanimous" support of the people by declaring all disagreeing voices as enemies and stamping
them out in their initial stages. A self-professed government of "nationalism,"it has constructed
its "prosperity" at the cost of the death and extreme poverty of its people. The number
of people killed by this government is far greater than the people killed by all foreign
invaders! A shameless preacher of "idealism," it fed on the flesh and blood of its people
by seizing and stealing from the state treasury. In a word, the totalitarian system of the
Chinese Communist Party is the cause of all darkness, degeneration, crimes, corruption
and turbulence in China. It is the general cause hindering the progress of contemporary

Facing the one-party autocratic rule which has enslaved the Chinese people for half
a century, if we Chinese ourselves do not wake up, rebel, and unite ourselves in an
effort to end their dictatorship and to bring forth a free and democratic China, if we
ourselves do not try to cleanse ourselves from their pollution in this  war, who else
on this earth, then, can redeem us? Who else can redeem the Great China?

The Free China Movement also belongs to the world. Generally speaking, in the
century-long contest between totalitarianism and freedom, dictatorship and democracy,
the great war of fighting for freedom and liberation of the  Chinese people is undoubtedly
an integral part of the general front of the people around the world in their fighting for
freedom and democracy, and a link in the general chain of the anti-slavery and
anti-dictatorship of the people in the world. To be specific, the unbalanced nature of
the development of world history is such that the Chinese people have to solve the
historic problem faced by the British people 350 years ago, by the French people 200
years ago and by the American people 200 years ago. The fate of history has brought
today's world a reality which all the countries have to be increasingly aware of: a
totalitarian power armed with contemporary high-tech weapons which controls a
potentially biggest and fastest market, which has a population of 1.3 billion, and which
implements dictatorship of the Middle Ages. When the totalitarian Chinese Communist
government waves the carrot and crushes the world's democratic camp one by one, have
our politicians of all the countries ever thought about this: if China's modernization is not
accompanied with liberalization of its political systems, democracy, rule of law and
pluralism, how threatening and disastrous it will become to the world! Its threat and
disaster may come from the malignant explosion of the crises built up under the long
totalitarian rule in the country; it may also come from the challenging of the world
by the totalitarian Chinese Communist government backed up by its increasingly powerful
economy and military. In light of this, therefore, the Free China Movement, a movement
aimed at ending the totalitarian Chinese Communist rule and replacing it with a free,
democratic and pluralistic new China, will be making a tremendous contribution to the
whole world no matter how tiny it seems to be today. History has proven and will continue
to prove that in this increasingly smaller global village, the freedom enjoyed by any nation
which turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to other enslaved nations is unstable.

Therefore, coming from all parts of the United States and all social  strata, we Americans
are also taking part in today's Free China Movement. We are doing this out of our heartfelt
pursuit of not only the lofty ideals of human rights, freedom, democracy and rule of law,
but also the interests of the United States and the world peace and development. Hence,
we are calling on all the individuals, organizations and governments around the world
that love freedom, democracy, peace and development to support the Chinese people
in their fight for human rights, freedom, democracy and pluralism and to support the Free
China Movement. Because the birth of a new China with freedom, democracy, rule of law
and pluralism will greatly benefit not only the interests of your country in the long run,
but also the overall interests of the world.

The Significance of the Free China Movement

In today's world, the system of freedom and democracy has gained worldwide victory, while
the totalitarian system is collapsing day by day. With the power brought by science and
technology which advances by leaps and bounds, we have knocked open and destroyed
the visible and invisible "Berlin Walls" one after another, and have reduced the once
extremely ferocious totalitarian governments to the minimum, who are now on their last legs.

The totalitarian Chinese Communist government is a government completely against the will
of the people. In essence, it has long been a regime with the  total loss of legitimacy. The
fundamental task of the Free China Movement is to openly challenge and deny the legitimacy
of the Chinese Communist government, and to clear the way for the birth of a really legitimate
government chosen by the Chinese people. If we show any positive attitude to any past and
present reforms by the Chinese government, our attitude is merely based on our basic goal
that these reforms will eventually lead to the termination of one-party rule in China.

The development of the totalitarian Chinese Communist regime has undergone a long process
of formation, taking shape, evolution and decline, and in their understanding of its real nature,
the Chinese people under its rule have also undergone a long process of questioning,
disappointment, spurn and rebellion, which can be traced back to the time of Yan'an prior to
the Chinese Communist Party ruling the entire country. Therefore, the Free China Movement
today is not something new. It is the continuation of the pursuit of Sun Yat-sen. It is also the
direct succession of the Chinese people's protest of the totalitarian rule of the Chinese
Communist for decades, including Wang Shi-wei of 1943, Hu Feng of 1954, thousands of the
Rightists of 1957, the great rebellion during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), "the
Democracy Wall" in 1979, and the Tiananmen Student Pro-democracy movement in 1989.
Protesters one after another have fallen before us, but on the land drenched with their blood,
a new generation of rebels are springing up like mushrooms. The totalitarian Chinese
Communist regime which acts against history has prepared gravedigger for themselves. We are
gathering under the banner of the Free China Movement today. Some of us had been active
followers of the Chinese Communist Party; some of us have fathers who had fought for the
Chinese Communist Party; most of us are the so-called new generation who "were born in
the new society and grow up under the red flag." However, today we all have waken up and
rebelled. Our shared cause has brought us together. Despite the fact that we are different in our
ages, hometowns, and occupations, we have the same dream and pursuit for a free an democratic
China, which is deeply rooted in the fertile soil of our lovely motherland. We clearly know that
it is the yearning for a free and democratic society of 1.3 billion brothers and sisters of ours on
that land that provides the very base for the legitimacy of our actions. Today our movement is
still in its initial stage, but we firmly believe that as long as we work hard and well at it, we
will become the legal representative for the Chinese people in China and in the world and an
important force in international politics.

The Operational System for the Free China Movement

The Free China Movement is going to be a network open to any individuals and organizations
of domestic or overseas origin endorsing to terminate dictatorship and totalitarian rule in China.
Whether you are an advocate of radicalism or moderation, revolution or evolution; whether you
are a follower of liberalism or conservatism, a believer of Christian democratism or social
democratism; whether you are an atheist or a theist; and no matter how you have interpreted
modern Chinese history, including the wars between the Communist Party and the Nationalist
Party (the KMT); whether you emphasize human right affairs, workers' movement affairs or
religious affairs; whether you are an group or an individual... the door of the FreeChina Movement
is open to you. We will practise and prove our ideal of pluralism with our own actions. The Free
China Movement will provide a network for the various pro-democracy organizations and
individuals to communicate and coordinate with one other, and do some basic preparatory
work for the grand union of these forces.

The Free China Movement is also going to be a powerful organization. We know very well that
in today's China, the contest between freedom and totalitarianism, between democracy and
dictatorship is not only a contest between justice and viciousness, light and darkness, it is also
a contest of the actual political strength. We must wage a war against the totalitarian Chinese
Communist regime from all directions. We must dump dictatorship, a political form of the Middle
Ages, into historic garbage. If we did not organize ourselves into a powerful unit,  bundle ourselves
up into a strong fist, and run our organization in an effective way, our efforts would be futile and we
would achieve nothing. We ought to establish and promote various human rights and pro-democracy
movement, including free labor movement, in China by relying on our organization; we must seek
extensive international moral and material support centered on the issue of human rights by relying
on our organization.

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