Free China Movement UpdateVol.1, No.5 July 25, 1998
Free China Movement Accomplishments

On June 4th, 1998 the Free China Movement coalition had a press conference that was covered by C-Span announcing the formation of the new coalition of over 30 Chinese dissident organizations oversees and inside China. Wang Dan, the recently released political prisoner and one of the principle leaders of the Tian An Men Square protests in 1989, pledged his full support of the Free China Movement.

The Free China Movement has played a leading role in reshaping America's foreign policy towards China; and educating Americans and the international community about the brutality of the Chinese government. In April of 1998, Free China Movement leaders met with senior state department officials to discuss serious human rights abuses in China. A few hours later after this historic meeting, the state department announced that the U.S. would no longer just call for the release of a few high profile political prisoners, but would begin to work for the release of "entire categories" of political and religious prisoners of conscience. This new policy was recently announced by President Clinton after he returned from his historic trip to China.

The Free China Movement, along with other high profile Chinese dissidents such as like Harry Wu and Wei Jing-Sheng, members of Congress, and various human rights organizations were responsible for successfully lobbying the Clinton Administration to change their

foreign policy towards China. For the first time since 1989, the Free China dissidents had a focused message, gained needed media attention, and were able to successfully place human rights and religious freedom as one of the most critical issues to be covered during Clinton's trip to China; and they were! Had it not been for the Free China Movement's highly visible human rights protests, academic forums, persistent lobbying on Capitol Hill and the State Department; clearly human rights and religious freedom in China would have taken a back seat to issues such as trade and national security issues. President Clinton went from de-linking trade with human rights, to a totally different policy of making human rights and religious freedom a litmus test of how the U.S. will deal with China in the future. _____________________________

Intensive Media Coverage

The Free China movement has received extensive media coverage both before and during President Clinton's trip to China. C-Span covered our first press conference where we called on President Clinton to focus on human rights violations and religious freedom in China, and urged Mr. Clinton to meet with Chinese dissidents. Shengde Lian, executive director of the Free China Movement, has appeared or been interviewed on FOX television, National Public Radio, Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, Reuters, AP, the Asian and European Media. ABC news covered a Free China

Movement "human rights rally" that was held in front of the Chinese embassy before President Clinton's trip to China. Shengde Lian appeared with Congressman Wolf and Congresswomen Myrick as a representative for the Chinese dissident community at a press conference sponsored by the Congressional Republican Conference help before President Clinton's trip to China. This was covered by CNN.


The Free China Movement is working closely with Free China activists inside China who are attempting to establish an independent democratic party there. The democratic political movement are part of the Free China Movement coalition. They are calling for independent and free elections, democracy, freedom of speech religion, assembly; and the rule of democratic law modeled after Western jurisprudence. During President Clinton's trip, the Free China Movement represented the Chinese democratic movement in China on Capitol Hill, and served as their spokesperson in the American media. These developments can not be taken for granted, this is truly historical and something that members of Congress, the media, and China scholars thought were impossible before President Clinton's trip to China. There will not be democratic reforms in China unless the Chinese people struggle for them, as they did in Tiananmen Square and during President Clinton's trip. The Free China Movement is the only outside link the opposition democratic party has to the free world. As Americans, we have a moral obligation to help them in their peaceful efforts to bring democracy and freedom to China; just as we did in Poland, South Africa, Russia, and Haiti.


Most recently, The Free China Movement successfully persuaded Adidas to pledge not to make any of their soccer balls using Chinese forced labor, after Free China Movement lawyers brought the lawsuit against Adidas. In the fall, we will be launching the Free China Movement's Campaign to Release "All Political And Religious Prisoners Of Conscience In China." We will be working closely with American religious organizations, human rights groups, universities, and citizens throughout the world. Plans are underway for a "world candle light vigil" in the fall.


Recently established a close working relationship with the several key American foundations and human rights organizations, including the IRI, NED, and the Freedom House. All have expressed a sincere desire to help find funding for the Free China Movement. Have expanded the Free China Foundation Board of Directors; includes the Heritage Foundation, prominent religious freedom groups, legendary human rights groups, and other key American donors. Is establishing a broad base American coalition that will support the Free China Movement's activities. Will meet monthly at the Freedom House, the oldest human rights organization in the world.


Shengde Lian, Editor in Chief

Elon Weinstein, Assistant Editor

Joel Segal, American Director

Declaration of Moral Purpose & Action

The Chinese Government is afraid of a unified and more potent exile movement oversees; we pledge to be a highly organized and well-funded Free China Movement that will challenge the legitmacey of the PRC in every forum possible. The Free China Movement believes that China should be governed by the rule of democratic law, abide by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and respect freedom of speech, thought, religion, and assembly. We support open and free elections in China. We call for the immediate release of all political and religious prisoners of conscience in our beloved China. We stand for the right of all Chinese to live in dignity and to have the freedom to practice their religion without the fear of persecution.

We support the open and free operation of autonomous labor unions throughout China. We want China to be a country where the government is for the people, by the people, and where the will of the Chinese people determines the government, not the determining the kind of economic, political, and social system the people will live in through brute force, intimidation, the use of torture, and imprisonment. As an organized oversees political dissident movement, we seek to unite all Free China Movement organizations and individuals who are dedicated to these principles.

We strive to become a significant force in world politics, and intend to successfully challenge the People's Republic of China in the media and all political and academic forums throughout the world in a peaceful manner.Address: P.O.Box 3328 Falls Church, VA 22043 Tel: (703)645-9054,(703)3296836 Fax: (703)329-0149