Free China Movement Update

Vol.1, No.3 July 18, 1998

Dear Free China Supporter,

The Free China dissidents in China, and the family members of recently arrested dissidents are calling on all concerned American organizations to help free the recently arrested members of the Chinese Democratic Party. The Chinese Democratic Party is a progressive democratic political party that is calling for open and free elections, the rights of free speech and assembly, and the democratic rule of law. Recently, over 100 Chinese dissidents inside China published an open letter to the Chinese Government calling for the dissidents immediate release. The State Department has also called for their release, and should be applauded for doing so.

However, the situation in China is very serious. Since President Clinton's trip to China, hundreds of dissidents have organized a powerful underground democratic movement. They need our support! This is the most significant event to happen in China since the Tian An Men Square democracy movement in 1989. We are calling on your organization to sponsor a resolution calling on Congress to pass a resolution condemning the arrests of dissidents in China, and to call for the immediate release of members of the Chinese Democratic Party. Several of the dissidents have been threatened with being charged with subversion, a crime punishable at least 10 years in prison, up to execution. We have a moral obligation to speak out against these grave human rights violations!

The dissidents in China are now working very closely with the Free China Movement, a new coalition of over 30 Chinese dissident organizations both inside and outside of China. We have a historical opportunity to promote peace, freedom, social justice, and democracy in China. We must have the support of the American community, just as we did for the freedom movements in

South Africa, Poland, and Eastern Europe, if we are to strengthen the democratic movement in China.

Please sign the "Dear Congressman Wolf And Congresswomen Pelosi" letter as soon as possible, and fax to 703 329- 0149. We must send a strong message to Congress that we support the democracy movement in China; and will not stand silently by when dictatorships, no matter where or who they are, are oppressing citizens who are only trying to peacefully promote democracy in their country. Just as important, we will also send a message to the dissidents in China that they are not alone, and the American people stand in solidarity with the democracy movement. The Free China Movement is a non-partisan political movement trying to promote peaceful democratic change in China.


Shengde Lian Joel Segal

Executive Director American Director

Free China Movement Free China Movement

Dear Congressman Wolf And Congresswomen Pelosi:

The following undersigned organizations and individuals respectfully request your assistance in helping to call for the immediate release of the recently arrested members of the Chinese Democratic Party, the new democratic party in China. Eleven members of the democratic party have been arrested and detained, and four of them have been threatened with being charged with "subversion." Under Chinese law, these dissidents can be imprisoned for at least 10 years; or be executed.

We, the undersigned call on Congress to condemn these illegal actions, which are in violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and pass a resolution calling for the immediate release of these political prisoners of conscience, and for the Chinese government to stop the continuing arrests of dissidents since Clinton left China. We have an obligation as Americans to support those

Chinese citizens who are peacefully exercising the universal rights of free speech and assembly which have been codified in the UN Declaration of Human Rights which China has signed.


Your Signature here______________________________________________________ and

The Free China Movement Executive Committee which represents the following organizations:

Americans For A Free China

Free China Forum (703) 645-9054

International Association of Chinese Workers (718)321-2899

Party for Freedom and Democracy in China (PFDC)(516)789-5450

Freedom Forum Magazine (301)219 4343

Chinese Democratic Party (718)445-0639

Zhong Shan Comrades Committee (617) 666-2046

Beijing Spring Magazine

China Spring

China Spring Europe and Asia Union

Responsibility Magazine of Chinese Civil Publication Association(mainland China)

China Democracy Party Zhe Jiang Preparatory Committee (mainland China)

China Comments Magazine

Worldwide Chinese Magazine

Revaluation of Cultural Revolution Editor Board

Human Rights Appeal(mainland)

Sino-Hong Kong Promoting Democracy Association

Long March Foundation (617)666-4748 Bp: (617)430-7003

Modern Chinese Problem Research Forum (617) 497-5853

Hong Kong Democrats(Boston)

Ma Cao Club

China Watch Magazine

Chinese Justice Party

VIP Reference and Small Reference online Magazine (718) 539-6134

Reforming China Network(301)315-0515

China Liberal Democratic Party Australia

Taiwan Strait Peace Promoting Committee

New Zealand Promoting Democracy Committee

Human Rights Union(mainland China)


Shengde Lian, Editor in Chief

Elon Weinstein, Assistant Editor

Joel Segal, American Director

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