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Copyright 1999 Video Monitoring Services of America, L.P.  
Video Monitoring Services of America

SHOW: News 8 Night Team

April 8, 1999, Thursday PM


MEDIUM: Television

TYPE: Television

LENGTH: 93 words


START: 19.02
Teased Segment - President Clinton. Little progress was made today in relations between the US and China.
Visual - The first Chinese Premier to visit Washington in 15 years visited with the President.
Sound Bites - President Clinton talks of progress made in areas that benefit both US and Chinese people.
Visual - White House Dinner where reknowned cellist YoYo Ma (sp?) performed.
Visual - Members of Free China Movement protested outside WhiteHouse today chanting slogans aimed at Chinese Government.
END: 20.05


PROGRAM-ID: wood23000408


LOAD-DATE: May 17, 1999

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Search Terms: free china movement
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