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Copyright 1999 Video Monitoring Services of America, L.P.  
Video Monitoring Services of America

SHOW: The Ten OClock News

April 8, 1999, Thursday 10:00


MEDIUM: Television

TYPE: Television

LENGTH: 197 words


START: 29.40
Teased Segment - China Relations. President Clinton met with Chinese premier today. Premier denied spy allegations, said Chinese have ability to develop their own nuclear technology.
Visual - President Clinton, Premier.
Press Conference - Clinton, says it's important for leaders of America and China to meet regularly, made progress in areas that benefit both, gave them chance to speak openly on matters where they have disagreements. Clinton hopes China's block into World Trade Organization will be removed. Protestors.
Visual - protestors at Layfette Park. Called on President Clinton to send Premier home, want religious and political freedom for Chinese. Chinese Dissident.
Interview - Shengde Lian, Exec. Dir. Free China Movement, says he lost many classmates in Tienamen Square, he's a survivor of the massacre, feels obligated to do what he can on behalf of the failed dissidents who are still suffering, Chinese government has started massive crackdown on pro-democracy movement.
Interview - Richard Long, On line editor VIP Reference, says they send e-mails to subscribers in China. Jan Smith reporting.
END: 33.44


PROGRAM-ID: wttg22000408


LOAD-DATE: May 17, 1999

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Search Terms: shengde lian
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