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Copyright 1997 Video Monitoring Services of America, L.P.  
Video Monitoring Services of America

SHOW: Fox News Now/The Schneider Report

June 30, 1997, Monday 7:00-8:00 PM ET

NETWORK: Fox News Channel Cable Programming


LENGTH: 121 words

Start: 07.16 
US Reaction. What do people here in the US think of the Hong Kong handover?  
Visual - People watching handover ceremonies in Washington. There are many who think that Hong Kong's economy will remain free, and therefore flourish.  
Interview - Sir John Kerr, British Ambassador, says there is a great interest in Beijing.  
Interview - Kenneth Pang, Cmsr of the US for Hong Kong, says Hong Kong people will run Hong Kong.  
Visual - Celebrations.  
Visual - Troops.  
Sound Bites - President Clinton, talks about the troops going in Hong Kong.  
Interview - Shengde Lian, Party For Freedom & Democracy In China, talks about the impression in Hong Kong. Carl Cameron reporting. 09.30.


PROGRAM-ID: fnc19000630


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Search Terms: shengde lian
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