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NewsTrolls by Pasty Drone Tuesday, January 12, 1999

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Linux a smash hit at Comdex

New site for Linux newbies (that would be me...) Linuxhardware.net

Dell plans cut-down Linux server

Apache 1.3.4 released

Perl Institue update: loads of new modules, guys!...

It really is easy to make your own CDs

Go PUBLIC ENEMY! Severs ties with DefJam records ...Chuck D says "Our goal is to disrupt the industry"

Here, in its entirety is Zhou Lan's letter pleading for her husband:
Dear Chinese Consulate General of People's Republic of China New York City

Dear Sir or/and Madem:

My name is Zhou Lan, wife of Zhou Yongjun, thereby authorize Mr. Li, a business partner of my husband in New York City to hand in this letter to Chinese government on behalf of me with the following contents: My husband Zhou Yongjun had been disappeared since December 21 last year after being refused entry at Shen Zhen city in Guang Dong Province and vowed to come into mainland China for business reason. He is the publisher of World Wide Chinese magazine and a student in 1989 in Beijing Political and Law University. He went to USA in 1993.

As a Chinese citizen of People's Republic of China, I therefore respectfully request the Consulate General to shoulder the responsibility to help and protect the citizens's rights and interests when they are in need. I would like to ask this consulate to investigate my husband Zhou Yongjun's whereabouts and give me and his young baby an answer as soon as possible. My number is 212 xxx-xxxx.

As President Jiang Zeming and Chinese government said in many occasions that Chinese citizens have the right to come back to China safely and without any problem. Zhou Yongjun is on business trip and wanted to visit his old parents after years of separation from them. He was incorrectly refused entry in December by Shen Zhen authority and an unpublished book by Huang Xiang was confisticated along with the cash he had.

It's been more than three weeks that I and his friends had not received any phone call or seen him. We believed he had disappeared in mainland China. As a citizen of People's republic of China, I therefore respectfully request this consulate to investigate into my husband's mysterious disappearance.

I can not sleep and eat normally because of my worrying about his safety. Also our child's illness is getting worse without seeing his dad after about one month. I sincerely hope the Chinese government would investigate into this case and give me and the young baby an answer about where he is now. We want him to go home and be with his son!

Zhou Lan
A Chinese citizen of People's republic of China01/12/1999

LoU calls off cyberwar campaign...

NGOs call on Canada to suspend bilateral human rights dialogue with China

Explorers say newly discovered area of Tibet is like Shangri-la...

Police detain Yue Tianxiang who is the founder of China Labor Watchdog... Yue had discovered that management was spending company funds on themselves while the workers hadn't been paid for up to NINE MONTHS...

Two Tibetan monks arrested for preparing a letter to UN Human Rights Commissioner...

Tibetan rights group claims China is increasing religious crackdown...

Vatican asks Beijing to let Chinese Catholics celebrate the Millenium in Rome

China and US resume human rights dialogue...

Rights groups slam the Hong Kong rights report as too defensive...

Recently updated: Fravia's pages of reverse engineering

Funny! Goes to show you the risks of old documentaton... old Intuit support number now a sex line!... (there's other good reading in the latest volume of Risks List, too)

An alternative to CERT: Hacker Emergency Response Team (HERT)

Underwriters Laboratoy for the Information Security Industry

Russian hack of TUCOWS

Is Microsoft (MS) cooking their books???

E*Trade (EGRP) is taking a 28% stake in online investment bank

AT&T (T) offers personalized start pages to its members

Whoop-de-doo...(I just don't see it, but hey, the stock goes up...) Disney (DIS) launches Go Network...

Cegetel chooses Sun (SUNW)

Ericsson chooses Brite (BVSI) to supply Intelligent Peripherals

Anderson Consulting and PeopleSoft (PSFT) form global alliance

Beyond.com (BYND) signs agreement with Novadigm to deliver software update service over the Internet

Cisco (CSCO) offering outgoing military personnel high-tech training and ten Chinese universities join the Cisco Networking Academy Program

BoysToys.com (GRLZ) acquires two internet merchant card services firms

BroadPoint in partnership with Duquesne Enterprises (DQE) launches free ad-supported long distance...
sign up here...

The world's most powerful brain is taking shape...

It's got my vote... the symphony orchestra as most important invention of the past 2000 years...

Infrared is your friend

The soap opera that is your garden...

The unfriendliness of data storage

Epson Hong Kong shuts down its product demonstation center

Star Telecom abandoning its Video-on-Demand service but piracy lawsuit continues...

Star TV exec, Deng, heads to Hong Kong with Murdoch in tow...
who DOES NOT GET IT...he says "The Internet will destroy more businesses than it will create in the sense that it will wipe out the middlemen" WRONG!...It's CREATING NEW and MORE middlemen...
sound to me like Murdoch has been hanging out with too many bitter old-boy brokers...the times are a changin'...

360 degree TV...

SAR tech eyes China...

Tiny spy planes of the future

Upside makes merciless fun of Firmage...
but Firmage says he was mis-quoted

Appeals court denies BellSouth spectrum cap waiver

BellCanada set to turn operator-assistance business over to US company and plan outrages workers...

BellMobility now largest wireless carrier in Canada

UK teachers resisting new technology...

SEC fines 28 brokerages $26 million for price fixing on NASDAQ

Remeber those new planets I linked to yesterday?... One of them may host life...

Pac-West Telecom offering 112k access in California

Naxos, independent classical music label, makes library available on musicmaker.com

New competition for eWallet: WebFormFill

Rich media: hype or hope?

SBC rolls out ADSL service

Women's services doctor tells of web horror...

Starbucks takes stake in Drugstore.com

(I need this one for Chinese!) Handheld translator also sends email...

AOL accused of cache theft

Now about that Gitic... Greenspan arrives in Beijing who is stepping up its financial crackdown...
and US wants transparency in Gitic liquidation... (note how no one has yet said WHICH US banks are involved in this mess...)

Repeal of 23-year-old land celing act in India expected to bring real estate prices crashing down...

Bovespa plunges again...

Goldman's Corzine stepping down...

US imposes economic sanctions against Russina institutions

Federal prosecutors to retry Charles Keating...

55,000 years ago, human brush fires destroyed 85% of Australia's large animal population

The worst newspaper in America: The Daily Oklahoman

Kafka in Utah

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