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Copyright 1999 Video Monitoring Services of America, L.P.  
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SHOW: The Ten OClock News

June 03, 1999, Thursday 10:00


MEDIUM: Television

TYPE: Television

LENGTH: 101 words


START: 30:29
Teased Segment - Tienamen Square Thuy Vu reporting.
Visual - shots of the insurrection at Beijing's Tienamen Square in 1989. Friday marks the 10th anniversary.
Interview - Zhang Weiquo, journalist now living in El Cerrito, says when he heard the students were shot, he felt like he was hit;
Visual - shots of Tienamen Square today;
Visual - shots of Clinton, who renewed China's Most Favored Nation trading status today;
Interview - Timothy Cooper, Free China Movement, says 10 years later, Clinton is willing to trade with China on an incredible level.
END: 33:26


PROGRAM-ID: ktvu22000603


LOAD-DATE: July 14, 1999

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Search Terms: free china movement
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