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SHOW: Cavuto Business Report

June 03, 1999, Thursday 5:00

NETWORK: Fox News Channel Cable Programming


LENGTH: 251 words


START: 19.30
Teased Segment - Trade Tensions. China stole nuclear secrets from the US, and China accounts for most of the US trade deficit; however, President Clinton has decided that trade relations with China will continue for another year.
Press Conference - Joe Lockhart, White House Spokesman, says that they will get a positive result from this.
Interview - Jerry Jasinowski, National Assn. of Manufacturers, says that we don't need to blow up the economy policies with China.
Graphic - Trade imbalance.
Interview - Timothy Cooper, Free China Movement, says that President Clinton is demonstrating his willingness to trade with China on an unprecedented level, despite their bad human rights.
Press Conference - Gary Bauer, Presidential Candidate, says that if this trade regime continues to grow you will never have had an American government that is serious about human rights. Julie Kirtz reporting. The next guest is here to talk more about China and trade relations.
Studio Interview - Charlene Barshefsky, US Trade Representative, says that political tensions are running higher, and the very serious allegations of espionage has to be looked at closely. She thinks Congress will decide that trade relations with China is not in national interests, but it is in our interests to make a more prosperous China. She says that the trade imbalance with China is too big and needs to be dealt with. She says that WTO membership is in the US interest, not China's.
END: 27.40.


PROGRAM-ID: fnc17000603


LOAD-DATE: July 13, 1999

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