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Copyright 1999 Video Monitoring Services of America, L.P.  
Video Monitoring Services of America

SHOW: Special Report with Brit Hume

June 03, 1999, Thursday PM ET

NETWORK: Fox News Channel Cable Programming


LENGTH: 113 words


START: 24.47
China. President Clinton has said he is going to resume normal trading relations with China.
Visual - President Clinton.
Visual - Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.
Graphic - Cover of "The Cox Report".
Press Conference - Joe Lockhart, White House Spokesman, talks about trade status.
Interview - Jerry Jasinowski, Natl. Assn. of Manufacturers, talks about trading with China.
Graphic - Trade Imbalance.
Visual - Tienanmen Square highlights.
Interview - Timothy Cooper, Free China Movement, talks about trade with China.
Press Conference - Gary Bauer, Presidential Candidate (R), talks about trade with China. Julie Kirtz reporting.
END: 27.01


PROGRAM-ID: fnc18000603


LOAD-DATE: July 15, 1999

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Search Terms: free china movement
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