November 20, 1998


E-mail Fraud invokes Chinese massacre of June 1989

In Hong Kong, human rights activists are calling for the Chinese government to review its stance on the Tiananmen Square; the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators they say has gone too far.

Different human rights and democracy groups in China are lobbying and collecting petitions; they are asking for a review to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the massacre, which took place on June 4 1989.

The petition was initiated by China Human Rights Observer."Chinese people cannot tolerate the view of some powerful people that this movement of millions of participants was an anti-revolutionary riot," the petition read.

The petition is requesting authorities to release political prisoners from the 1989 incident. Although, the authorities in Shanghai are having a closed trial next week for Shanghai-based businessman Lin Hai.

Hai was charged with providing thousands of Chinese e-mail addresses to overseas magazines.

The case will be heard by Shanghai's Number One Intermediate People's Court the case on the morning of November 26.

Hai, operated his own software company is facing a heavy prison sentence on charges of. Lin Haiís wife has protested the close the trial case; In a faxed letter to the U.S.-based group Free China Movement Network, she says the case should be heard in the open and a closed case has no merit.

Lin is standing trial for allegedly using other people's Internet addresses and the nickname "Black Eyes" to giveaway thousands of e-mail addresses to "anti-China" magazines abroad.

Source: HRA Research Cell

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