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Overseas Democracy Groups to Hold Round-table Conference

- by Hong Kong Voice of Democracy

18 November, 1998

Thirteen overseas Chinese democracy groups, including Chinese Alliance for Democracy, Alliance for Democratic China, Federation for Democratic China, will hold a round-table conference on November 28-29, 1998 in New York. The conference will discuss how to co-ordinate different democracy groups in supporting the democracy movement on mainland China, the Hong Kong-based Information Centre of Human Rights and Democracy Movement in China reported.

The report said the conference is initiated by the chairman of Federation for Democratic China, Du Zhi-fu, and the vice-chairman of Alliance for Democratic China, Wu Feng. The groups' statement said a new democracy movement is emerging in China; many non-government organizations have been formed and groups such as the Democratic Party of China, China Development Union, China Human Rights Watch are especially fast in development. This shows that another peak of Chinese democracy movement is approaching.

On the other hand, the signing of two international human rights covenants by the Chinese government has also provided space for the development of the movement on the mainland. The statement added that the coming year is the tenth anniversary of June 4th Incident and the last anniversary in this century. Whether China will be able to have democracy in the next century will hinge on the political development in 1999. Therefore, the overseas democracy groups should have a better co-ordination to support the democracy movement on the mainland.

Wang Shan-min (chairman, Alliance for Democratic China), Du Zhi-fu (chairman, Federation for Democratic China), Wu Fang-cheng (chairman, Chinese Alliance for Democracy), Wang Bing-zhang, Fu Shen-qi (China Democratic and Justice Party), Wu Feng (chairman of the board, China Spring), Wang Ruo-wang (chairman, Democratic Party of China (Overseas)),Wang Xi-zhe (Overseas Preparatory Committee, Democratic Party of China), Xu Shui-liang (Overseas Support Group for China Political Party Movement), Lian Sheng-de (Free China Movement), Tang Bai-qiao (Peace in China), Zhao Pin-lu (International Chinese Workers United Association), will join the conference. Leaders of other overseas China democracy groups are welcome to join it.

Sources close to the oveseas democracy groups note that there is a strong sectarian tendency in the oveseas democracy movement. It is indeed a rare chance that so many leaders of the movement come together in such kind of conference. They believe the conference will have great implications to the future development of the oveseas democracy movement.


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