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Last updated: Mon, Jun 21 at Prague 02:59 pm, N.Y. 08:59 am
Editor's Pick: Eye of the Storm -- Dalai Lama and China wrangle to choose Tibet's next spiritual leader.

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  • Pro-Democracy Group: Missing Chinese Activist In Jail
  • China Defends Tibetan Religious Freedom After Return Of Panchen Lama
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  • Pro-Democracy Group: Missing Chinese Activist In Jail

    BEIJING, Jun 21, 1999 -- (Agence France Presse) A Chinese pro-democracy activist who has been missing for six months is in a Chinese prison where his health is failing, a pro-democracy group said in a statement here Sunday.

    In a letter written from the Huanghua prison to his wife in New York, Yongjun Zhou said his health had deteriorated and feared he would not survive his sentence, the Free China Movement said.

    Zhou was one of the Tiananmen Square student leaders and had served two years in prison for the protest. He was later exiled, but tried to return in December to visit his parents, the group said in a statement from its office here.

    According to the statement, Zhou was secretly sentenced to three years in prison, possibly for illegally returning to China and for carrying a manuscript written by dissident poet Huang Xiang.

    The Free China Movement is a network of Chinese pro-democracy groups around the world. ((c) 1999 Agence France Presse)


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