Speech by Lian Shengde, former student leader and political prisoner from 1989 Tian An Men

Lian Shengde

Speech by Lian Shengde, former student leader and political prisoner from 1989 Tian An Men Square and leader of Free China Movement

July 07/03/2004 Washington DC

The shooting of Falun Gong practitioner in South Africa in front of the world shocked the whole human being that the state terrorism the Chinese communist regime is true and is extending outside the boarder of PRC.

This regime in Beijing, calling itself republic but has acted in everyway against the principle of "by the people, of the people and for the people". In order to maintain its totalitarian rule in mainland China, it will use state terrorism, using its army, armed police, labor camps, torture chambers and various execution tactics to try to crush any dissident, political, religious or non-religious.

United States had made a big mistake since 1972 to recognize this rogue nation in Beijing as the legitimate government of China where people in Mainland China and Taiwan do not think so.

Today the United States regarded PRC as the partner in the war against terrorism but in fact it is working with the largest terrorism organization in the world to permit, indirectly, the various terrorism attacks against many peaceful Chinese, inside China and outside China.

Now the people is clear about the essence of this terrorism regime in Beijing what should we do if our conscience doesn't allow us to sit back as long as the terror is not striking us today?

We need to united and join the third republic revolution in China to end the totalitarian regime in Beijing. Chinese people have a lot to be proud of.

In 1912, the Chinese people stood up and work together to end the Manchuria imperial dictatorship in China and established the first republic in Asia--the Republic of China.

But various military warlords tried to step back to history by restoring the imperial/dictatorship. The all failed when general Jiang Jieshi united Mainland China by crushing all the warlords with the north expedition army and established the national government in Nanjing in 1920s where the peoples' rights are respected and protected. Thus we have the success of the second republic revolution in China.

The invasion by Japan against the second republic gave the Chinese communist a chance to grow and defeat the national army in 1949 and thus establish the worst totalitarian regime in modern human history. More than 80 million Chinese have perished under this regime in the last 55 years and thousands are being tortured to death every year. Billion of assets haven been stolen from the national economy by the Chinese communists and the banking system has been in bankruptcy status while each Chinese is in national debt of more than 36000 YUAN after dedicating all the past 50 years of hard work.

Not It's time for the people in China and in the world to work together to establish the third true republic by ending the totalitarian regime in Beijing or we will have to see more killing of innocent citizens by the terrorism regime in Beijing and holding our family members as hostages in order to silence us from speaking out about the truth and our conscience be lost in the silence.