Freedom Fighter

The story of Lian Shengde

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Freedom Fighter

The story of Lian Shengde

I was born in 1968 during the Cultural Revolution, when millions of the people were organized by the Chinese Communist Party and its leader Chairman Mao to fight and kill each other...

--Lian Shengde

Shengde recounts his own story--from childhood in Chengdu during the Cultural Revolution, to life in exile in the United States, where he continues to fight for individual freedom and human rights in China.


"FREEDOM FIGHTER vividly conveys the excitement, commitment and idealism of young people swept up in a grass-roots movement to achieve political change in China in 1989. "

Merle Goldman, Professor of Chinese History at Boston University

"Subtle and compelling--a true-to-life portrait of one man's odyssey from student to pro-democracy fighter. Lian Shengde's memory of being whisked off to prison without being able to say goodbye to his anxious father is heartbreaking. But FREEDOM FIGHTER ends on an optimistic note: Lian at home in America with a loving wife, awaiting the birth of his first child--and still fighting the good fight."

Jan Wong, Author of RED CHINA BLUES

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Produced and Directed by Mary Flannery

Director of Photography: Michael Cormier

Additional Camera: Michael Ford,

Gregory Snook, Amy Flannery

Editor: Mary Flannery

Music: Mary Flannery, Molly Flannery,

Tom Zicarelli


VHS copies are available in English and Chinese.

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