Protest to call for Dr. Wang's release from the illegal life sentence




4101 Davenport St., NW, Washington, DC 20016

June25, 2005

Washington DC

Free China Movement and some democracy activists will hold a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC to commemorate the third anniversary of the kidnapping of the "Democracy Three" and calls to the attention to the Dr. Wang Bingzhang's life sentence in China.

When: 12:00 PM June 27, 2005

Where: 2300 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington DC.

What: Protest to call for Dr. Wang's release from the illegal life sentence.

Speakers will include:

Ms. Zhang Qi, Dr. Wang's Fianc¨Ĥe;

Mr. Timothy Cooper, executive director of World Rights and spokesperson of Campaign to Free Dr. Wang;

Junguo Liu--Chair of Chinese Republican Party

Shengde Lian--Executive Director of Free China Movement

Joel Segal--Former director of FCM and senior legislative aid on Capital Hill

And others to be confirmed


Three democracy activists Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Yu Wu and ms. Zhang Qi were kidnapped on June 27, 2002 within boarder of Vietnam and were later forced across to Chinese side three years ago. Dr. Wang was the founder of the overseas Chinese democracy movement in the early 1980s by publish the China Sprint magazine and several other organizations. Dr. Wang was also a co-founder of Free China Movement in 1998.

The Chinese communist agent kidnapped Dr. Wang three years ago for fear of his influence in the pro democracy forces inside China while main land China is facing mounting social, political and economical problems due to the totalitarian political system.

Dr. Wang's fianc¨Ĥe was kidnapped along with Yu Wu and were bother released more than half year later under strict house arrest condition while Dr. Wang was sentenced to life without any due process in place. Dr. Wang has denied all the fabricated charges against him by the authority and had maintained the kidnapping and sentencing by the same force is illegal and he keeps his protest against the both actions.

Dr. Wang has serious physical illness and his family members have been asking for medical parole with no progress so far.

The event will call the international community to pay attention to the continued detention of Dr. Wang on charges without hearing or evidence and to help to secure his release to his family in America. Free China Movement strongly protests any form of violence against civilian including the kidnapping against pro democracy leaders by the state


(06/25/2005 13:42)