Free China Movement Opposes the Lift of Arms Sales Embargo to China Now and Calls for PRC


Press Release

Free China Movement Opposes the Lift of Arms Sales Embargo to China Now and Calls for PRC Government to End the Repressive Policies and to Respect the Rule of Law

Washington DC 12/08/2004

The purpose of the arms embargo is NOT to support and strengthen a government who cracked down peaceful protestors in 1989.

The same repressive policy is enforced almost daily in Mainland China as of today.

There are still people detained and being tortured because of their role in 1989, and

Those killed are not given a place so their souls can rest in peace.

The family members of those who suffered from the tragedy are not compensated and their rights are still being violated.

Those butchers have not been brought to the court of justice.

Most importantly, the system that allows such tragedy to happen has not changed fundamentally.

"Any pressure to a government who believe in the rule of terror and bloody crack down is absolutely necessry. Any government in a civilized society should be responsible for its behavior and bear the consequences of its action." Stated Wang Xizhe, president of Free China Movement.

"When one man is not free, no man is really free. We are all for economic development and fair trade; But short-sighted policy of lifting the embargo while there is no significant change of human rights and rule of law in China will harm the human conscience and encourage the wrong-doer and thus delay the democratization process in China." Stated Shengde Lian, former student leader from Tian An Men Square in 1989 and executive director of Free China Movement.

"There is a line that must be drawn and a principle to stick to. We all have certain responsibility for the suffer ring of the others. If we want to allow the suffering in China to continue we can remove the pressure by lifting the embargo right now or we can stand firm and tell the wrong doers: no change no endorsement! " concluded Mr. Lian.

"Only real pressure will make positive changes happen in China; The lifting of the embargo at present time will give a wrong signal to a government who would continue to believe it can do whatever it can without bearing any serious consequences. I do not believe the embargo will be lifted before there is any significant change toward the respect of human rights and rule of law in Mainland China. Europe as the source of the values and ideals of liberty and property will NOT sacrifice one for the other." stated Dr. Wang Zhongxiao, American director of Free China Movement.