Exiled Legal Scholar now Went in Exile in Australia


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Exiled Legal Scholar now Went in Exile in Australia

Free China Movement calls for assistance from the international world to assure Professor Yuan's safety in Australia and welcome Mr. Yuan to escape form the totalitarian regime in Beijing.

Washington, DC July 27, 2004

Professor Yuan Hongbing has escaped to Australia after leading a tour group from Gui Zhou Province on July 21, 2004. Mr. Yuan was an undergraduate student in Beijing University in 1979 and obtained his master degree in Procedural Law in 1986. He started to teach in Beijing University since 1986 and was the head/director of the Criminal Procedural Law Department in the university.

Mr. Yuan was persecuted by the Chinese government for his continued fight for promoting rule of law and freedom since 1989. After being arrested from his residence in Beijing University on March 2, 1994 he was secretly transferred to Guizhou and detained there for about 6 months before he was freed on parole of two conditions: First he would never come back to Beijing though his wife and son are living there; Second, He would no involve in any political activities. In order to rewrite the two books whose manuscripts have been confiscated by the national security officers he had to accept the conditions and tolerated all restrictions on him for ten years until he had finished rewriting many books and articles and finally made to Australia as a free thinker.

Free China Movement warmly welcomes Mr. Yuan's Odyssey to freedom, not only freedom for his own but the freedom of his soul to present his research of rule of law in China to the world and the freedom to expose to the world the cruelty and evil essence of the PRC regime in Beijing. Free China Movement leaders calls for US and the free world to help Mr. Yuan in ever way they could to assure his safety. Again the pro-democracy movement is welcoming the addition of new blood to the noble yet difficult Free China cause.

"Professor Yuan was one of the most-welcomed young teachers in 1989 pro-democracy movement. He grew up in Inner Mongolia and is an intellectual who still care about the sufferings of the ordinary people and would fight for their well-being with all the power he can find." Stated Dr. Li Jinjin, who was a law student in Beijing University and a leader in the Tian An Men uprising in 1989 and a current leader of Free China Movement.

For more information, please contact Dr. Li Jinjin who was a law student in Beijing University at 646 732 8299.