Family members and FCM leaders meet with State Department to discuss Dr. Wang'situation


President George W. Bush

Secretary of State Colin Powell

Dear President Bush and Secretary of State Powell:

We just got the recent dangerous situation of Dr. Wang Bingzhang who has been deprived of family visitation right for more than 6 months since January 2004 for his fight against the Chinese jail authority's inhumane treatment and illegal detention.

We just communicated with Dr. Wang's little sister, Mei, who visited Dr. Wang today (June 29, 2004) in Chinese jail in Guangdong province. She gave us the following shocking and heartbreaking news regarding Dr. Wang's health:

1) Since Mid January, the prison where Dr. Wang is held has been punishing Dr. Wang for disobedience. To protest this unlawful treatment, Dr. Wang started hunger strike. On January 24, he passed out unconscious. Next, he suffered a severe stroke and was hospitalized for more than a month. Until today, the Chinese government did not tell us anything about Dr. Wang's situation. Every time we contacted the prison to ask for Dr. Wang's well being, we were always told that he was very well. The Chinese government has lied to us for six months. Had Mei not visited Dr. Wang this time, we would still be living in the illusion that he is good health.

2) Currently, he is still not fully recovered. His movement is very slow and badly coordinated, and he appears very weak.

3) He told Mei that he also suffers from a very serious phlebitis. He is concerned that thrombus can develop anytime and lead to another stroke. In addition, he feels liver pain nowadays. He is concerned that his hepatitis (type Bulrush, a very severe type) will happen again. He had this illness twenty years ago. Dr. Wang told Mei that, as a doctor himself, he knows that his life is in danger.

4) Until today, Dr. Wang is locked up and isolated in a single cell.

We are very angry at the Chinese communist government's shameful torture against Dr. Wang in order to force him to give up his fight for freedom in China. It would be a huge mistake the PRC is making if it allows anything worse happen to our beloved son, brother and the leader of the Chinese democracy movement! We will hold the Chinese government fully responsible for the torture and any dangerous results!

The torture in the past 6 months alarmed us to the conspiracy that the PRC government may well on the way to torture Dr. Wang and make another unexpected stroke. Then the PRC can declare that it's an accident. If there is no strong enough international pressure from US it may well happen. This concerns all of us!

We strongly ask US government to do whatever you can to assure Dr. Wang's safe and immediate return back to USA. Just like some observers have pointed out that though Dr. Wang was given a life sentence but in fact the PRC is enforcing a gradual "death sentence" if the outside world doesn't respond strong enough.

Dr. Wang's family members and supporters thus call for Dr. Wang's immediate release to America for urgently-needed treatment of his serious illness before it's too late; We also call for US government to intervene in the torture of Dr. Wang which is in violation of international laws and to push on the immediate release of the founder of the Chinese democracy movement, a Christian, a US national, and the Chinese "Mandela", Dr. Wang Bingzhang.

We eagerly urge you to help to save Dr. Wang's life today!


Dr. Wang's parent: Wang Guifang, Wang Junzhen

Dr. Wang's brothers and sisters: Wang Yuhua at 604 5379149 Julie Wang at Tel: 604 241 4525 Wang Bingwu, Wang Mei and Dr. Wang's daughter Wang Qinyan at Tel: 6263305003

Dr. Wang's fiancée Zhang Qi Tel: 703 7087220

Leaders and supporters of Free China Movement and pro-democracy movement: Wang Xizhe, Wei Jingsheng, Lian Shengde, Li Hongkuan, Xu Wenli, Wang Youcai, Dr. Wang Zhongxiao, Fang Nengda, Dr. Guo Pin, Prof. Xin Haolian, Dr. Liu Junguo, Guo Ling, Wang Ming, Wang Fuchen, LI Gang, Sun Yun, Lu Yun, Ni Yuxian, Pan Qing, Ye Ning, Dr. LI Jinjin, Ou Yang, Yan Dunzheng, LI Fuli, Zhang Xiaojun, Wu Xuechan, Tun Huilai, Zhang Ying, Xue Wei, and more than 200 others around the world.