Dr. Wang Bingzhang in life threatening situation as a result of turture he received


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Dr. Wang Bingzhang's torture is drawing anger against the PRC government across the world

Free China Movement
Press Release

Free China Movement just got the recent dangerous situation of Dr. Wang who has been deprived of family visitation right for more than 6 months since January 2004 for his fight against the Jail authority's inhumane treatment and illegal detention; Free China Movement calls for Dr. Wang's immediate release to America for urgently-needed treatment of his serious illness before it's too late; Free China Movement also calls for US government to intervene in the torture of Dr. Wang which is in violation of international laws and to push on the immediate release of the founder of the Chinese democracy movement, a Christian, a US national, and the Chinese "Mandela", Dr. Wang Bingzhang.

June 29 2004

Washington DC

We just communicated with Dr. Wang's little sister, Mei, who visited Dr. Wang today in Chinese jail in Guangdong province. She gave us the following shocking and heartbreaking news regarding Dr. Wang's health:

1) Since Mid January, the prison where Dr. Wang is held has been punishing Dr. Wang for disobedience. To protest this unlawful treatment, Dr. Wang started hunger strike. On January 24, he passed out unconscious. Next, he suffered a severe stroke and was hospitalized for more than a month. Until today, the Chinese government did not tell us anything about Dr. Wang's situation. Every time we contacted the prison to ask for Dr. Wang's well-being, we were always told that he was very well. The Chinese government has lied to us for six months. Had Mei not visited Dr. Wang this time, we would still be living in the illusion that he is good health.

2) Currently, he is still not fully recovered. His movement is very slow and badly coordinated, and he appears very weak.

3) He told Mei that he also suffers from a very serious phlebitis. He is concerned that thrombus can develop anytime and lead to another stroke. In addition, he feels liver pain nowadays. He is concerned that his hepatitis (type Bulrush, a very severe type) will happen again. He had this illness twenty years ago. Dr. Wang told Mei that, as a doctor himself, he knows that his life is in danger.

4) Until today, Dr. Wang is locked up and isolated in a single cell.

"The family members will hold the Chinese government fully accountable for any thing that might happen to Dr. Wang from the torture and delayed treatment in USA!", stated Timothy Cooper, executive Director of World Rights in Washington, DC.

"We are very angry at the Chinese communist government's shameful torture against Dr. Wang in order to defeat his will against the totalitarian regime in Beijing. It's a big mistake the PRC is making before it's approaching it's final death in Chinese history. A third Republic Revolution as advocated by Free China Movement on Saturday's Conference awarding Dr. Wang for his dedication and strong will to establish a true republic in China will follow Dr. Wang's leadership and will work harder together to end this regime as soon as possible!" stated Wang Xizhe, president of Free China Movement.

"We call for the immediate release of Dr. Wang from the torturing chamber in Chinese jail. We strongly ask US government to do whatever it can to assure Dr. Wang's safe and immediate return to USA. IF anything worse happens to Dr. Wang, the conflict between the Chinese dictatorship and the people and the pro democracy movement would never be the same!" stated Dr. Wang Zhongxiao, national director of Free China Movement.

For More information, please contact: Wang Yuhua at 604 5379149 and Julie Wang at 604 241 4525.