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China Democracy Forum in Wuhan Cancelled due to Police Action

Monday, March 1, 1999

Shengde Lian (703) 645-9054
Wang Xizhe (732) 339-1361(Chinese)
Washington Office of Free China Movement Network
1319 18 St, NW, Washington DC
(703) 645-9054, (202) 256-2925

10:00 AM (Beijing Time) Feb 28, 1999

Washington DC Leader of China Democracy Party Overseas Forming Committee announces the cancellation of the International Covenants Discussion Forum scheduled from March 1 and March 3 due to the harsh crack down by the Communist government after Xiao Shichang and Chen Zhonghe's arrest a couple of days ago. In the mean time, the Zhejiang Forming Committee of CDP will hold the discussion forum at a teashop in Hangzhou from 1:30 PM (Beijing Time) on Feb 28. One of the speakers will be Zhu Zhengmin, a key member of CDP Zhejiang Branch, who launched the formation of this opposition political party inJune last year with Wang Youchai. Mr. Wang was sentenced to ten years in labor camp along with Xu wenli and Qing Yongming in December last year at the beginning of the crack down of opposition parties in China under the order of Beijing Butcher, now president of "People's National Congress".

Wang Xizhe, leader of Free China Movement and General Secretary of CDP Overseas Committee, said: "We feel very sorry to the international committee that the forum in Wuhan has to be canceled due to the arrest of two organizers of this forum, Chen Zhonghe and Xiao Shichang, while many others are under heavy surveillance or house arrest. This makes the forum in Wuhan virtually impossible. But we are glad to find out that the determination of CDP members to hold the research forum can not be cracked down by immoral force. The same form is secretly planned and be held in Hangzhou, Capital City of Zhejiang Province at 1:30 PM."

Shengde Lian, Executive Director of Free China Movement, a coalition of more than 30 dissident organizations both inside and outside China, said: "We are here to show our strong support to our colleagues in mainland China for their courage to stand up against the Chinese Totalitarian regime. Prison and handcuffs could no longer scare the people's determination to get their basic rights back from CCP which were handed over to the Communist government. We also welcome the new Human Rights Annual Report from State Department of America in their accurate accounts of worsening human Rights Violations in Mainland China due to the "Strategic Partnership" policy exercised by President Clinton. The policy has become a total failure and must be reevaluated. Any policy must based upon the gain and lost in the short run and in the long run. Now the America is losing on both grounds. A stronger totalitarian regime supported morally and financially by the free world with no pressure will bring disaster to the world and prolong the sufferings Chinese people are experiencing in their struggle for their dignity as a human being!"

Ming Wong, spokesperson of Free China Movement and chair of ADC, said:"We feel strongly disappointed by Chinese government's illegal effort to block the citizens' rights to learn and pass the values in the two covenants the Government signed. We also feel disappointed that President Clinton will continue his failed foreign policy toward Communist government who are repressing twenty percent of population on this planet."

Richard Long, leader of FCM and Editor of VIP Reference, an online magazine mentioned in the Human Rights Report of State Department, said:" The Report mentioned this email publication as well as Lin Hai's case. Although we have ample evidence showing filtration by the Chinese internet police, however, the US State Department Report claimed that "e-mail publications are even more difficult to block, and there is no indication that the [PRC] Government has attempted to do so". This became cheap Propaganda for the Chinese communists!

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