Press release

Issued by European Office of Free China Movement

Contact: Wang Xizhe 31 36 533 2166 in Holland

The Freedom Dream of China Democracy Party members and the People around the World

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward Ms. Lisa and Mr. Palmer from Freedom House (and Free China Movement) to give me this chance to speak at this NGO Forum on behalf of China Democracy Party (CDP). CDP is being persecuted by Chinese Communist Government and is still continuing their hard fight for democracy in China.

I am one of the four co-chairs of China Democracy Party. All three other co-chairs are suffering inside Chinese Communist jails and putting their hope on us.

China Democracy Party completely supports nations around the world dedicated to principles and justice to put forward the resolution to condemn Chinaís worsening human rights situations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you may know that there is a very important and exciting event happening in Republic of China (Taiwan). DPP has just won the presidential election after twenty years of struggle for democracy. This is the first time in Chinese history that political power could be transferred peacefully. The whole world is astonished by the development in Taiwan. Nonetheless, some of you may not know that, many Chinese on the other side of Taiwan straight, those leaders and founders of China Democracy Party who almost started the fight at the same time in 1970s, are in Communist jails now.

China Democracy Party was founded in June 1998 while President Clinton was visiting Peopleís Republic of China. Itís founded based upon the fact that China had just signed the International Covenants of Civil and Political Rights. Its goals are liberal economy, democratic political system and freedom of thinking. It wants to be a political opposition Party to compete openly and fairly with Chinese Communist Party. Itís aim is to monitor the CCP and against all corruption and social injustice and protect the basic rights of all social groups. Its funding principles are "open, legal, rational and non-violent". It abides by the UN treaties China signed totally. For this reason, China Democracy Party should be protected by the laws of UN and UN itself.

At the beginning, members and founders of China Democracy Party were pretty naïve in believing that CCP will keep its international promise and obligations even though they seldom kept their internal promises and obligations according to its own laws. Thus CDP founders were very confident in the establishment of CDP according to the treaty Chinese Communist Government had signed. But CCP was so afraid of this young but with great potential political Party that they tried to destroy all the new "buds" against their one-party dictatorship. In November 1998, Chinese government arrested three most prominent CDP leaders Wang Youcai, Xu Wenli and Qin Yongmin and sentenced them to 10 to 13 years in prison. Those three heroes are sacrificing for their beliefs right now.

Their arrest attracted strong International protest in the media. Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement tried to organize effort to protest the Communist governmentís violation of the international laws. I myself led a 7-day hunger strike in front of UN Building in New York City when the temperature was 30 degree below zero. Our effort to counter-attack Chinese Governmentís violation of laws was not successful due to the problem inside overseas Democracy movement.

Our failure to fight back encouraged the CCP. Right after the bombing of PRC Embassy in Yugoslavia, the western powers including USA were eager to repair relations with China so the relaxed the pressure against the human rights violations in China. This situation encouraged the Chinese Communist government even further to crack down against China Democracy Party. Between May and June of 1999, Chinese Government arrested the second layer leader of CDP, among them are Zha Jianguo, Gao Hongming, Liu Shizhun, Zhu Yufu, Zhu Zhengming, Liu Xianbing, Wang Wenjiang, Wang Zhechen and more than 20 others. All of them were sentenced to heavy jail terms with out and open and fair trial.

But China Democracy Party has not been defeated by various forces inside and outside China. Many more China Democracy Party members continued their fight for democracy. Our organization is expanding stablly and publications produced constantly. Various forms of forums and meetings are being conducted. May of CDP members walk into the people and work for their interest and problems. Near the end of Year 2000, they risked more crack down by publishing "China Democracy Party: New Century Declaration". In this 20000 Chinese characters document, many political, social, economical, diplomatic agenda have been spelled out clearly to the world. This fully demonstrates to the world that CDP is a responsible party even in itself is facing the toughest oppression. (Here are copies of the document in China Affairs magazine).

We call for the people around the world to support and appeal for CDP. Show your support to all political and religious prisoners and prisoners of conscience. We call for the UN Human Rights Commission to pass the resolution to condemn Chinaís Human Rights violations last year. Strong internatioal pressure like this is the only factor that may force the Chinese government into a lone situation and has to choose to change. United Nation should urge China to ratify two treaties it signed and release all prisoners of conscience.

If the world put this pressure on Chinese Government and thus make positive changes on human rights and China begins to stand on the right position in the history then we all have really done something to contribute to the world peace and development.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Martin Luthur King said, he had a dream that all people could live peacefully together no mater what race, color they are.

Today, we have a dream, that 1.3 Chinese people could live the life with freedom like the rest of the world is enjoying where there is no war, oppression and terror but only peace and freedom. Here is the headquarter of United Nations and we would like to be the witness of the History that We will realize this dream.

Thank you!

Wang Xizhe

Chair of

China Democracy Party (


Coordinator of

Free China Movement (