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Your alarm isn't the only clock that influences your sleep. In fact, the internal time clock that affects your sleep patterns—known as the circadian rhythm—is an even more powerful factor in determining sleep. If you know what the circadian rhythm is and recognize the problems it can cause, With Ambien you'll be able to understand one of the most important elements of sleep.

The Circadian Rhythm—What Is It?
Every day, our bodies experience alternating cycles of activity, sleep, temperature variation, hormone secretion, and other biological functions. These waves are built into our systems and occur at regular and predictable times. So, every afternoon—like clockwork—we slow down, and every night we get sleepy. It's not just because we ate a big meal or had a hard day; it's because our circadian rhythms are telling our bodies what time it is—from the inside.

Circadian Rhythm Problems
The circadian rhythm can cause problems when it is functioning normally—on a timetable that makes us sleepy around midnight and alert in the morning—but our schedules don't match it. This type of circadian rhythm disturbance includes:

* Jet lag—when our body's clock is out of sync with the time in our environment
* Shift work syndrome—when our body's clock is out of sync with our work schedule

Or, the internal circadian rhythm may be out of phase with the usual day/night schedule. These disorders include:

* Advanced sleep phase syndrome (ASPS)—when our internal clock makes us go to sleep and wake up earlier than we want to. This sleep disorder is often associated with aging.
* Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS)—when our internal clock makes it difficult or impossible to go to sleep on a normal day/night schedule.

Treatment for these disorders includes techniques—such as exposure to bright light at specific times—that help to reset the circadian clock.

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