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Reality Room Art Gallery will be hosting an exhibit entitled >Art of Democracy= from May 25th through July 25th. The exhibit will bring together visual artists, writers and musicians, both nationally and internationally renowned, who through their work will be exploring the different facets of democracy, embracing its symbolism both as a reality and as a metaphor.

Reality Room has once again joined forces with Amnesty International, which has launched its first ever US campaign on the human rights violations that occur within the United States, to call upon American Democracy to continue evolving its ethic into the 21st century and fulfill its role as the paradigm for democracy. Reality Room will also be working with the Free China Movement and Shengde Lian, the co-captain of the Tiananmen Square march, commemorating its 10th anniversary, Maura Moynihan, the politically passionate daughter of Senator Patrick Moynihan of New York and Hafsat Abiola, the daughter of the late, democratically elected President of Nigeria.

The mission of the >Art of Democracy= exhibit, as other exhibit events at Reality Room, is to bring together individuals and organizations, initiating open communication through art, while inspiring and nurturing support for positive expression and evolution.

Reality Room chooses art as its tool to enrich and uplift the human condition, while promoting those who are actively working toward this end; art breathes life into the desire for change, and motivates its actuality.

Reality Room would like to invite individuals and organizations to take part in this event because of a personal involvement in influencing and shaping democracy.










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